Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science, and Technology, QUEST Nawabshah Campus

About Us

THE Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology, QUEST Nawabshah is a public sector research university that is located in the urban neighborhood of Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan. QUEST was established in 1974. Students, interactive teaching and learning environment, focus on learning rather than teaching are all priorities of the university.

Many workshops, seminars, and conferences at national and international levels are arranged to give a platform to the participants to share their views, knowledge, and expertise. QUEST is providing quality and updating education to students in the fields of Engineering, Science, and Technology in order to produce excellent professionals and good human beings that will work for the betterment of their country. QUEST Nawabshah is affiliated with HEC and PEC.

QUEST Nawabshah

Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology, QUEST Nawabshah Admissions, Departments and Scholarships

Quest offers admission to many programs. Students who have appeared in HSC (Part-II) and are awaiting results are eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. 12 years of education with a minimum of 60% marks.
2. DAE with at least 60% marks.
3. 40% marks in entry test.

Selection Criteria for Postgraduate Programs
1. 18 years of field related education From HEC recognized university with at least CGPA 3.0/4.0.
2. 60% marks in entry test.

Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering
Construction Engineering
Structural Engineering
Power Engineering
Industrial Engineering & Management

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Department of Computer Systems Engineering

Computer Systems Engineering
Software Engineering
Computer Communication & Networks

Department of Energy & Environment Engineering

Energy & Environment Engineering
Energy Systems Engineering
Environmental Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Communication Engineering
Industrial Automation & Control

Department of Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering

Department of Information Technology

Information Technology

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics & Statistics

Department of English (Language & Literature)

English (Language & Literature)

There are many agencies apart from government and private organizations that are giving financial support to the praiseworthy and needy students in the form of different loans and scholarships. QUEST offers different scholarships
– University Merit scholarships.
– Prime Minister Tuition Fees Reimbursement
– HEC FATA Balouchistan Scholarships
– HEC Need-based Scholarships
– Punjab Education Endowment Fund is the scholarships that are offered by the QUEST.

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The Office and Research,  innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) were developed at QUEST. There is more demand for an alternative conceptualization of technology transfer that is more advanced than the traditional linear models as QUEST has become more ambitious and looks toward transfers of knowledge into non-traditional fields. ORIC was created to connect research and commercialization to the university.

QUEST organized different Seminars and workshops every semester. The topics decided in these vents is based on students interest. Many of them are free so that student can have access to the factual information. QUEST organized the following Seminars And Workshops recently.
1. The 1st National Conference on Trends and Innovations in Information Technology (TIIT’16) was organized by the Department of Information Technology on 24-26 February 2016 at Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology, Nawabshah.
2. National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computing was organized on November 6-7 2019 at Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science & Technology Nawabshah, Pakistan.

  • Total enrollment : ~4000
  • Amazing Compass
  • Library
  • Residential Hostel
  • Industry focus learning
  • Flexible learning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Teaching skills

Sports Festival 2018-19
Sports Festival was held from 23rd April 2019 at the Sports Complex, QUEST Nawabshah, by the Directorate of sports. The events that were held in this festival were athletics, badminton, cricket, chess, hand ball, table tennis, tug of war, basket ball, foot ball and volley ball.