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Qarshi University (QU), Lahore

About Us

Qarshi University (QU) is a project of Qarshi Foundation; a non-profit welfare organization funded Qarshi group family. Qarshi University got recognized by HEC very early. The Qarshi Foundation utilized the revenue stream, which was generated by students’ enrollment and built the infrastructure.
Qarshi University uses modern instructional and traditional techniques to deliver knowledge. It also provides learning opportunities to the people who are engaged in business or other works.  Modern updated technology is provided in academics and administration in QU. Qarshi University is famous for installing new skills in the students by providing them training that helps them in professional position, industry and other government jobs.

Qarshi University
Expansion and Future Plan – Qarshi University, Lahore

Qarshi University – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The admissions open in July-August. Students can apply online. The university then assigns the NTS date. The students who already gave NTS within recent 2 years, with a 50 percent score do not need to give any other test.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. Students who scored 50 percent in metric and FSC.
2. Students who scored 50 percent in NTS.

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. Students who scored a minimum of 2.2 CGPA.
2. Students who scored 50 percent in the GATS general test.
3. Selected students are screened during the interview.

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduate Programs
1. Students who scored a minimum of 3 CGPA in the graduate program.
2. Students who scored 50 percent in the GAT test.
3. Selected students are screened during the interview.

Faculty of Mathematics & Information Technology

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science
Software Engineering

Faculty of Management & Social Sciences

Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration

Department of Commerce

Accounting & Finance

Faculty of Eastern Medicine

Department of Eastern Medicine & Surgery

Eastern Medicine & Surgery

Faculty of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology


The students who scored A’s in A-levels will get the scholarship. students who scored 3.9 cGPA also get scholarships per year. HEC need-based scholarships are also provided to needy and deserving students.

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Researchers and scientists from different disciplines work together in the research projects. QU has also collaborated with other researchers and research institutes. The students last year are trained on live projects and are motivated to work even on technical details of the project. Students also have access to the project, which can be downloaded online at home.

Seminars and workshops are a great morale booster. Students are exposed to learn more about their field of selection, their major Subject and future opportunities regarding their carriers. Since the seminars workshops are done in various field so students are given the schedule, to select the event of their interest.