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Preston University, Karachi

About Us

Preston University Karachi Campus (Parent Campus) is a private university in Pakistan. It is recognized by HEC, and it has many sub-campuses in other countries as well including Dubai. Preston University Karachi Campus is a degree-awarding institution. Students are tutored by highly educated scholars and are provided with advanced infrastructure, buildings with efficient heating and cooling system. The labs and classrooms are maintained, the cafeteria is providing the best food quality and the overall environment is friendly. Students learn a lot and can go ahead in their careers. Students are also motivated to search for new opportunities when it comes to studies and other extra-curricular activities
The Preston university’s study course is according to international standard. Furthermore, it also provides internationally and nationally experts mentors. The university’s bodies including scholars are dedicated to providing more improvement to high-quality education. They use modern techniques theoretically and experientially to enrich its students with knowledge.

Preston University Karachi Campus
Preston University Karachi Campus

Preston University Karachi – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The admission of different programs opens in August. Students can apply online. The university then assigns the entry test date and location with roll number slip.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1. The students who scored a minimum 50% score in matric/O levels and in intermediate.
2. Students who scored 50% in NTS.

Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. Students who scored a minimum of 2.2 CGPA in the undergraduate program.
2. Students who scored 50% in GAT general test.
3. The selected students will be screened during the interview.

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduate Programs
1. Students who scored a minimum of 3 CGPA in the graduate program.
2. Students who scored 50% in the GAT subject test.
3. The selected students will be screen during the interview.

Faculty of Business Administration

Business Administration   
Public Administration     
Executive MBA     
General Management     
Banking & Finance     
Finance & Accounting     
Human Resource Management     
Project Management     
Health Management    
Hotel & Tourism Management    

Faculty of Computer Science

Computer Science    
System Engineering    
Communication & Networking    
Database Management     ✔
Multimedia technology     ✔
 Software Engineering     ✔ ✔

Faculty of Natural Applied Sciences

Telecommunication Systems
Environmental Management    

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Technology (Hons)  

Faculty of Education

Education ✔ 

Faculty of Social Sciences

Psychology   ✔
Applied Psychology    
General Studies    
Social Sciences    
International Relations  ✔  
International Diplomacy
Development studies     ✔
Education     ✔ 
International Trade

Faculty of Industry & Technology

Telecommunication     ✔
Occupational Health &safety Management     ✔

Preston Institute of Nano Science and Technology

Nanoscience and Technology ✔  

Disaster Research Institute (DRI)

Environment Management   
Disaster Management
Health & Safety

Preston University Karachi Campus offers following scholarships for deserving students;

1. Serving or retired military personnel belonging to Pakistan ‘Armed Forces
2. HEC need-based scholarship
3. Financial assistance
4. Merit scholarship per semester
5. Competitive test scholarship

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The faculty of Preston University Karachi is committed to enhancing the training and research facility. Independent research is done on knowledge exploration. Supervisors and lab staff train students for their skills and talent in research work.  The university is also aiming to further expand its collaboration with other research institutes.

Workshops and seminars create growth in knowledge, enhance skills, generate a strong network between communities, motivate creativity, and give a chance to students to interact with the elite scholars. Some of these events are related to their carrier opportunities.
Following are held in Preston University
1. Disaster Research Institute (DRI), Preston University Kohat celebrates International Day for Disaster Reduction.
2. Best Steps to Safe During an Earthquake.
3. Preston University Represented at “International Expert Forum, Mainstreaming Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction in Education.
4. Integrating SDG, SFDRR and UNFCCC Paris, Agreement” Held in Bangkok.
5. Preston University Represented at the “Global Forum on Science and Technology for Disaster Resilience in Tokyo.