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The National Textile University, NTU Faisalabad is the leading institution of Pakistan that focus on textile education. It was initially named as National College of Textile Engineering. That was affiliated with UET Lahore, since 1976. The Punjab government collaborates with the leading industrialists of the textile industry. Thus, to form an organization of Textile Technology in Faisalabad (Lyallpur). The government provides 62 acres of state land free of cost for this institute. In the year 1959, this institute is officially named as National Textile University. The motto of NTU Faisalabad is to provide sustainable social and economic development of the nation and welfare of human beings through chasing excellence in the educational field, Innovation, and research in field textile and clothing.

NTU Faisalabad Campus
National Textile University (NTU), Faisalabad

NTU Faisalabad Campus -Admissions, Departments, and Scholarships

Admission criteria in NTU Faisalabad are very strict and selection is done based purely on merit.
Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs
1.12 years of field related education, passed with at least a second division from any registered institution.
2. 50% marks in entry test.
Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs
1. 16 years of education with at least second division with aggregate 70% in the annual system and 3.0 CGPA in semester system.
2. 70 marks in NTU GAT.
Selection Criteria for Postgraduate Programs
1. 18 years of education with at least second division with aggregate 70% in the annual system and 3.0 CGPA in semester system.
2. 70 marks in NTU GAT.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Department of Yarn Manufacturing

Textile Engineering (Yarn Manufacturing)
Textile Engineering (Technical Textiles)

Department of Weaving

Textile Engineering (Weaving)

Department of Knitting

Textile Engineering (Knitting)

Department of Textile Processing

Textile Engineering (Textile Processing)

Department of Garment Manufacturing

Textile Engineering (Garment Manufacturing)
Textile & Apparel Merchandizing

Department of Polymer Engineering

Polymer Engineering
Polymer Science & Engineering

Department of Materials and Testing

Textile Technology
Advanced Clothing and Fashion
Advanced Material Engineering

Faculty of Science

Department of Applied Sciences


Department of Computer Sciences

Computer Science
Software Engineering
Information Technology

Faculty of Management Sciences

Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration
Textile Management & Marketing

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Design

Textile Design
Fashion Design
Visual Arts

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


The scheme of providing financial support so that to provide maximal financial support to intelligent students without neglecting the education quality. NTU Faisalabadprovides the following scholarships to the students.
1. MORA Scholarships.
2. Interloop Scholarship Award for BS Thesis/Internship in Turkish University.
3. HEC Need-Based Scholarships.
4. Merit Scholarships.
5. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF).
6. Interloop Graduate Research Fellowship Program
7. Ihsan Trust (Interest-Free Loan).
8. National Endowment Fund for Talent (NEST).
9. Tanveer Mir Scholarship Program (TMSP).
10. Textiles Research Fellowship Program.

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Research and development implant inductive and scientific thinking and it encourages the development o rational practices of thinking. The importance of research in various areas of interest has increased in the modern era of technology. Research provides the beginning for almost all policies of the government in our economic system. NTU Faisalabad provides versatile ground for research and development. They invent a new procedure and methodologies in the textile sector. So, to increase the per capita income of the country.

NTU Faisalabad aims to empower its students with skills. Thus, they organized a large number of seminars and workshops annually. That gives them an opportunity to participate in scientific research and analysis procedures. To identify a deeper understanding of interests, attitudes, and develop desirable relationships with others. It helps the students to produce the skills in the comprehension of scientific information and especially in the presentation of verbal information. It enables them to get more experience and command on self -evaluation.

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  • Industry focus learning
  • Flexible learning
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Teaching skills

Embroidery Exhibition at Department of Design
The students of Textile Design (6th semester) displayed their eye catching embroidered art works at Department of Design. The main objective of exhibition was to demonstrate that a needle can perform amazingly when it is directed by artistic hands. Creative applications of conventional materials and innovative manipulation of traditional techniques was the focus of all work. Variety of themes was researched by the learners ranging from famous architectural places, folk motifs, historic monuments and many more. Dr.Tanveer Hussain (Worthy Rector, National Textile University) formally inaugurated the exhibition. Mr.Salman Saif (Registrar, NTU) and Dr. Zafar Javed (Chairman department of design) also graced the event with their presence. They appreciated the efforts and encouraged the students for their hard work.