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National Defence University, Islamabad

About Us

The National Defence University (NDU), is a financed military foundation situated in Islamabad, Pakistan dedicated to the study and research in military science, -strategy, and international relations. The origin of the National Defence University goes back to 1963 when the 1st Army War Course started at the Command and Staff College, Quetta. Subsequently, in 1970, it was established as a staff college and achieved university status in the year 2007 and is funded by the Education Commission and the Ministry.
The university offers encyclopedic and critical learning in constructing and developing the defense methodology along with a national security understanding of the joint military leadership of the military of Pakistan. The President of Pakistan is the Chancellor of the NDU. The management of the NDU is vested in a Three Star General from the Pakistan Army, who is called the President of the University. National Defence University acts as a national think tank on national security matters.
Input is provided to the government and the NDU maintains academic links with national think tanks and universities of friendly countries. NDU’s mission is to form future headship from general and private sectors of Pakistan and friendly countries through various disciplinary educational and research programs, professional interchanges, and outreach, targeting on security and contemporary studies.
The Motto of NDU is: “Taught man that which he knew not” The National Defence University is affiliated with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Three other colleges are affiliated with NDU including Command and Staff College, Quetta, Pakistan Navy War College Lahore, PAF Air War College Karachi.
The National Security College, the Armed Forces War College and the Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS) are the instructional Colleges/Faculty for conducting various courses/studies in security and defense studies, whereas the ISSRA acts as a think-tank apart from conducting the National Security Workshops, Capstone Courses, and conferences/seminars.

National Defence University – Admissions, Departments, and Scholarships

u003cstrongu003eDepartments and Programsu003c/strongu003e

NDU admission criteria for various programs are: Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs 1. 12 years of field related education, passed with at least a second division from any registered institution. 2. 50% marks in the entry test. 3. Interview performance. Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs 1. 16 years of education with at least a second division with aggregate 45% in the annual system and 2.5 CGPA in the semester system. 2. 50% marks in the entry test. 3. Interview performance. Note:  Foreign degree holders must provide an equivalence certificate from IBCC & HEC.

Department of Government and Public Policy

Government and Public Policy

Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies

Department of Strategic Studies

Strategic Studies

Department of International Relations

International Relations

Department of Leadership and Management Studies

Leadership and Management Studies
Project Management

the FAO is efficiently working on controlling scholarship affairs under the shade of PR&SA CenterThe scholarships and financial assistance to needy people include 1. Incentive scholarships for the position holders at the time of admission 2. Excellence award for best academic performance 3. HEC Need-based scholarship 4. Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF) 5. Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) 6. Al-Falah Scholarship Scheme 7. “Qarz-e-Hasna” Loan Scheme 8. Frontier Education Foundation (FEF)

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u003cstrongu003eResearch u0026amp; Developmentu003c/strongu003e
u003cstrongu003eSeminars u0026amp; Workshopsu003c/strongu003e

Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization was inaugurated in December 2018 in NDU, Islamabad. Since then, ORIC has played a very crucial role in providing opportunities for students and faculty of NDU. The National University (NDU) has a very good position in the field of research and development and it stands among good universities of Pakistan in this aspect. The faculty of NDU has already published a lot of research papers on the best journals with high impact factors.

Workshops and seminars conducted at National Defence University make individuals grow mentally and knowledge-wise too. The students get to know about diverse aspects of different fields. They help students to expand their knowledge, skills, and build confidence in them. The following are the seminars conducted by NDU, Islamabad – A seminar on “Strategic Dynamics of Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations in the Contemporary Geopolitical Setting”. – A seminar on “Kashmir Scenario and the World Conscience”.