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Namal Institute Mianwali

About Us

The Namal Institute is the degree awarding institute, private, and is recognized by HEC. It is located in Rikhi, Mianwali District, Punjab, Pakistan, and is affiliated with the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan Engineering Council. The Namal institute was initially established with the sole purpose of providing technical education to the underprivileged youth of the district Mianwali to make them employable for self-sustenance. The institute first provided only certificate courses and diplomas. Namal Institute Mianwali provides diverse learning with diverse cultures. Students have access to labs, wifi, and the library with various books. The environment generated it peaceful and learning.
The institute focus on the following: 1. Mobile application 2. Machine learning algorithm 3. Data analysis 4. Web application The faculty is highly trained consisting of 20 Ph.D. teachers from across the world. They have a high teacher to student ratio, focusing to groom every one of their applicants to be the best individuals personally and professionally. Due to the vibrant culture and location of the university, it has become an enticing sight for learners, attracting a diverse student body from all across Pakistan. Moreover, students have access to hostels and transport services. Namal institute consists of a well-furnished and quite attractive library and holds computer labs and research laboratories as well to promote research. The institute aims to achieve academic excellence and become a renowned university in Pakistan.

Namal Institute
Namal Institute Mianwali

Namal Institute Mianwali – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The admission for the Namal institute opens in August. Students can apply online. The university will then assign the entry test date and its location. Students will be also given their specific roll numbers.
1. The students who scored a minimum 50% score in matric/O levels and in intermediate.
2. Students who scored 50% in the entry test.
3. The selected students will be screened during an interview.

Department of Business Administration

Business Administration

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science

Department of Mathematics


The Namal Institute also provides funded scholarship programs to facilitate the students. This has helped many of the potential students to have access to Pakistan’s best education. Here is the list of them
1. Need-cum-merit scholarship.
2. HEC need-based scholarship.

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The Namal Institute provides training and orientation regarding the research enhancement. The work done on quantitative research by supervisors and students is getting expanded in the coming years. The institute is also striving to expand collaboration with other research institutes to gain maximum benefits.

Meeting great scholars, guest speakers, experts, popular professionals and people with successful carriers can create the feeling of inspiration and it motivates the individuals to absorb their energy. This enthusiasm is also shared with friends, peers, staff, and many others. Workshops and seminars create the platform for meeting such people.