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Mirpur University of Science and Technology, MUST Bhimber Campus

About Us

Mirpur University of Science and Technology, MUST Bhimber Campus is situated at DC Road near Girls Degree College, Bhimber, Mirpur. Currently, three departments are working under MUST Bhimber Campus which are Botany, English, Economics. The University as an institution of higher learning is dedicated to endorsing the general development of knowledge and understanding and the progress of every student to his/her highest potential so that each may make the maximum impact to the enhancement of the standards, values, and scientific and cultural climate of all people. MUST fulfilling the higher educational needs of overseas Kashmiris, particularly for those who are settled in the UK. This makes a strengthened bond between the people of Kashmir and the families residing in the UK and other European countries.
MUST starts a collaboration with universities abroad involving the exchange of students and faculty by providing seminars for sharing experience and ideas. MUST University focused and ensure the provision of necessary facilities to its students during their studies. The environment of the University is helpful for learning, so that the graduates may carry their degrees on their shoulders. Co-curricular activities will be promoted by involving students in healthy pursuing and competitions. To be a higher teaching and research institution, having a developmental impact on society and acting as a knowledge passage between Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan, and the rest of the World. MUST is committed to enabling its students to tap the world of knowledge and assume a leadership role in the future through research, creativity, technological advancement, and entrepreneurship.

MUST Bhimber Admissions, Departments, and Scholarships

MUST Bhimber

Selection Criteria for Undergraduates
→ 12-years of field related education passed with at least 50% marks from a recognized institution
→ 50% marks in entry test

Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Department of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine

Department of Poultry Sciences

Poultry Sciences

Department of Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences

Department of Livestock

Livestock Assistant

Need and Merit-Based Scholarships are being offered to the deserving and bright students at Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Bhimber Campus. Scholarships are offered each ear to the talented and needy students. Other than that, trust fund and student welfare trust are also provided to students to overcome their financial disability.

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Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Bhimber Campus is among the top private sector Universities. The faculty members are at work to keep up and develop the quality of education and to motivate research culture at MUST Bhimber Campus. University has arranged a research database to make the technique of research easy.

Seminars and Workshops are held to engage students in the discussion and have a better insight into the topic which is being represented. Seminars and workshops are motivation as well, they install aspiration and motivation into the students.