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Lahore School of Economics

About Us

The Lahore School of Economics (LSE) is an independent research university based in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, compromises of 2 campuses i.e Main campus and the City campus. The former Campus is in Gulberg. Its has 150 permanent faculty members with specializations in diverse field.
LSE is an excellent business school in this country. The multinational companies and banking sector hire the students from this university. HEC has ranked LSE, as the 2nd best university for education in the business.
The Lahore School’s academic programs encompass Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Environmental Sciences and Media Studies, Art and Design. The School offers both Graduate and Undergraduate programs within specialized faculties, departments and research centers.

Faculties & Departments

The admission opens in July. The passed candidates are then interviewed for selection. Students can also have access to application forms online. University gives the entry test date, location, and roll no.

1. Matric and Intermediate with at least 60% marks.
2. 50% score in the entry test.

1. Four-year B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/BBA IT/BBA (Hons) degree, with at least a CGPA of 2.5, is a necessity for admission into the MBA Program.

1. The admission is regulated through, GMAT/NTS GAT –General admissions test, a Lahore School admissions test and an interview process.
2. Candidates with sixteen years of schooling and with minimum cGPA= 3 are eligible to apply.

Department of Economics

Economics & Finance
Economics & Business Management
Economics & Political Science
Economics & Accounting
Economics & Marketing
Economics & Environmental Policy
Economics & Social Sciences
Economics in Mathematics & Data analysis

Department of Social Sciences

Political Science

Department of Business Administration

Finance & Marketing
Accounting & Finance
Finance & Environmental Policy
Marketing & Media Studies
Marketing & Social Sciences
Marketing in Mathematics & Data Analysis
Business Administration
Executive Business Administration
Developmental Studies

Department of Environmental Sciences & Policy

Environmental Science & Policy

Following are the scholarships offered by LSE:
1. Need-Based Scholarship
2. Undergraduate Major Merit Scholarship
3. Undergraduate Minor Merit Scholarship for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year Students
4. Student TA Ships
5. Mahmood Chaudhry Scholarship
6.Graduate Minor Merit Scholarship
7. Graduate Major Merit Scholarship for MBA Program

Executive MBA Program
1. Need-Based Scholarship for Lahore School Graduates for MBA Program
2. Major Merit Scholarship for Ph.D. Program in Economics and Business
3. Major Merit Scholarship for MPhil in Economics, Business Administration (Research) Program
4. Major Merit Scholarship for MPhil Program in Environment and Development Studies

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Research & Development
Seminars & Workshops

The University is among the leading universities in the field of research. The hardworking and genius students and experienced faculty avails the facilities given by the university and are doing best in this field. A lot of research papers are being published everywhere in the best journal with a good impact factor.

Workshops and seminars are beneficial and important professional events. New relationships are built and new contacts are formed. They lead to personal and business growth. Individuals interact and speak with vendors, speakers, clients and scholars for meaningful conversations. Events like Accelerating Economic Growth in Pakistan: Key Macro and Sectoral Drivers and First International Conference on Applied Development Economics are also held recently.