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Khyber Medical University is a public sector medical research institute located inf Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The institute was founded in 2007. As a medical university, it has numerous affiliated colleges, including undergraduate and graduates medical and dental institutes and several programs related to health sciences. Khyber Medical University is affiliated with PMDC, PMRC, CPSP, PNC, HEC.

KMU intends to promote professional skills through learning and creativity to provide comprehensive quality health care. The KMC has produced renowned professors, researchers nationally. The doctors from KMC have contributed a lot at the international level and are working for humanity in the world’s best health organizations.

The vision of KMU is “to be the global leader in health sciences academics and research for efficient and compassionate health care.” The mission of Khyber Medical University is to” be the global leader in health sciences academics and research for efficient and compassionate health care.”

KMU is one of the largest medical institutes in all of KPK, with several medical and allied health programs. It believes in lifelong learning. Respect, honesty, integrity, traditions, and culture are the values KMU’s foundation was built upon. Its primary focus is to provide a multi-dimensional Comprehensive Health Care Approach covering the four pillars of health, i.e., prevention, promotion, curative intervention & rehabilitation.

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Khyber Medical University offers admissions in various disciplines. Admission to KMU is purely based on merit. Candidates with high academic scores can apply for admission to KMU. Passing the admission test is mandatory for entry into KMU.

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs

1. F.Sc (Pre-Medical) with at least 60% marks.

2. Admission test (at least 50% marks).

Selection Criteria for Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

1. MBBS/BDS or equivalent degree.

2. At least one year of house job experience from PMDC recognized institution.

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Scholarships are tools that inspire students to excel and work. On top of that, they provide the students with opportunities that they cannot afford while increasing competitiveness and rivalry on a national and international level. Khyber Medical University is equally helping the extraordinary and financially weak students in their education. A variety of scholarships are available at KMU for the students to achieve their goals, including;

  • HEC Merit-based Scholarships
  • HEC Need-Based Scholarships

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