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Hazara University Oghi is another campus. Oghi is a town in the District of Mansehra of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Situated in the Agror Valley, it is the headquarters of the eponymous tehsil. Oghi is to be a standard university providing affordable quality educational opportunities for students to develop scientific, socio-culture, economic, and political leadership, through learner-centered teaching and research, while strengthening their identity at the Regional, National, and International level.

The Hazara University (HU) Mansehra was established in 2001. It is a public university, situated in-between the prehistoric cities of Gandhara and Ashoka and facing the Silk Route on the outskirts of Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan which had been the ancient link between the sub-continent, China, and Central Asia.

It was ranked No.28 in national and No.7 at the provincial level as per HEC rankings, 2015. The insititue has a well known reputation in journals. Pakistan Heritage, Hazara Islamicus and IDRAK are the internationally accepted and reviewed journals published annually by the Hazara University.

The mission of Hazara University is to implement knowledge in the fields of emerging and social sciences as well as liberal arts inculcating the universal values of truth, beauty, and goodness among the younger generations, on the one hand, and to provide a befitting research base for contributing original research to the world research pool for the service of mankind.

Hazara University Oghi Admissions, Departments and Scholarships

Admissions in Hazara University, Oghi campus is based on merit. An application is filled manually or online and university will announce an entry test date. The candidates must pass this entrance test to get admission in the Hazara University, Oghi campus

Selection Criteria for Undergraduates
1. 12 years of field-related education, passed with at least 50 % marks from a recognized institution.

Selection Criteria for Graduates
1. 16 years of field related education with at least 2.5 CGPA in the semester system 2. 50% marks in entry test

Selection Criteria for Postgraduates
1. 18 years of field related education with at least 3.0 CGPA in the semester system 2. 60% marks in entry test

The primary aim of the Hazara University Oghi is to get rid of any hurdle in the way of students that disturbs them from achieving their aims. The University provides financial assistance to students which are brilliant and are in need with the help of various scholarships. They also provide;

-Ehsaas Scholarship.
-HEC Merit-based Scholarship
-HEC Need-based Scholarship.

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Research is carried out to inform action, to prove a theory, and contribute to developing knowledge in a field of study, a tool for building knowledge and for facilitating learning means to understand various issues and increase public awareness, and aid to business success. It helps them to have a detailed analysis of everything. When you have a proper in-depth analysis of any topic, the result comes out to be fruitful while enhancing knowledge.

Workshops have the potential to categorize the same thinking people into a particular forum. Such platforms open the door for exercising minds of the same thoughts and behaviors. The learning communities with a similar passion for the subject can certainly build a group of their own with the maximum utilization of resources thereby having a symbiotic relation. Besides, workshops do tend to address issues faced by another organization which may be helpful in resolving many severities.

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