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The Habib University, Karachi is a private sector university located in the southern port city of Karachi and was established in 2014. Karachi is the 5th largest city in the world and is the cultural, educational, and political hub of Pakistan. It comprises of countless renowned higher educational institutions. HU is an initiative of the Habib University Foundation and supported by the “House of Habib”. Habib University is a liberal art and science university that hits interdisciplinary education from the area of science, engineering, arts, humanities, and social sciences. This university is focusing to provide the highest standard education and also provides a shared learning environment for the students.

Habib University

Habib University – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

Students who have appeared in HSSC (Part II) or any equivalent examination and are awaiting results are eligible to apply and take the HU test.
Selection Criteria For Undergraduate Program
1. 12-years of field related education with at least second division.
2. 50% marks in entry test.

School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Social Development and Policy

Social Development & Policy

Department of Communication and Design

Communication & Design

Department of Comparative Liberal Studies

Comparative Liberal Studies

Department of Arzu Program of Languages and Literature

Dhanani School of Science and Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science

Department of Integrated Sciences and Mathematics (ISCIM)

HU not only supports excellence but also compensate brilliant students in reaching their goals by offering merit-based scholarships. Grants are given on the basis of their overall merit at the time of admission regardless of student religion, racial, ethnic, and gender or socio-economic background. Some of them are “Distinguished YOHSIN Scholarships”,” Habib excellence Scholarships” and “Habib Merit Scholarships”

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Considering the importance of the technology developers, Habib University pays attention to the student interests and creativity to learn about the experiments, apparatus behaviors,  and their usage. For this purpose students at Habib University are involved in different projects with faculty members or designing projects, their own are highly appreciated. The research at Habib University works as a bridge between academics scholars, policymakers, and development practitioners. Many activities are done to enhance the efforts at social cohesion and feasible development in the region and also demonstrating the role of the university in helping society.

Seminars and Workshops are very essential for developing skills in students. Attending a seminar or a workshop has many other benefits, including the best communication skills, increased confidence level, etc.
1. First Annual Habib University Conference on Postcolonial Higher Education that was held on  9 October 2013.
2. Pakistan Science club conducted a robotic workshop in Habib University event Omicron. The workshop was a day event from 13th-14th February 2018.
3. On 16 December  2018 a seminar on “DeConstructing an Edifice of Urban Inequity & Fragmentation – Need for a New Governance Construct for Karachi” was organized by Habib university.

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First Undergraduate Research Conference 2019