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Government Sadiq College Women University, GSCWU Bahawalpur

About Us

The Government Sadiq College Women University, GSCWU is a public sector university situated in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. It is affiliated with the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The Government Sadiq College Women University Bahawalpur is one of the famous and well-known institutions of southern Punjab for women and was named after its founder Nawab Sir Sadiq Khan Abbasi. The GSCWU Bahawalpur is committed to a forest academic environment that enhances the personal, professional, and academic lives of female students, staff, and faculty. GSCWU aims to establish high quality in teaching and research in ornamenting the women with the best quality higher education and brighten the area to refresh its past glory. It is affiliated with the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

GSCWU campus

Government Sadiq College Women University, GSCWU Bahawalpur -Admissions, Departments, and Scholarships

Students who showed up in HSSC (Part II) or any equivalent examination and are awaiting results are eligible to apply.
Selection Criteria For Undergraduate Program
1. 12 years of field related education with at least second division.
2. No third division throughout the career.
Selection Criteria For Graduate and Postgraduate Program
1. 16 years of field related education with at least second division.
2. 50% marks in entry test.

Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry


Department of Mathematics


Department of Botany


Department of Physics


Department of Zoology


Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration

Department of Economics


Department of Computer Sciences

Computer Science
Information Technology

Faculty of Arts

Department of English


Department of Urdu


Department of Fashion, Arts and Design

Fine Arts

Department of Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

Faculty of Arts

Department of Education


Department of Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology

Government Sadiq College Women University, Bahawalpur offers different merit and need-based grants to brilliant, needy, orphans, and disabled students. These scholarships are the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme, The Punjab Educational Endowment Funds, Merit scholarships, Need-based scholarships of HEC.

Hey, I’m about to take admission in @islamabad.

What’s your feedback on that?

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Growth and prosperity of a society is closely linked to innovation and creativity. These functionalities are propelled by the progress of research and education. The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) play a pivotal role in stimulating intellectual growth and hence development of the society. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has directed all public-sector universities in the country to establish OFFICE of RESEARCH, INNOVATION and COMMERCIALIZATION (ORIC) to facilitate innovation, creativity, academic research and commercialization of the final product. Establishment of the ORIC is expected to boost the academics and hence contribute in the uplift of various parameters/indicators of our economy.

Workshops and seminars are held on a monthly basis. The topics to be presented are with respect to the students’ choices. It is necessary for every institute to hold these events because students can learn a lot outside their textbook. Seminars, workshops, and conferences are beneficial for students.
The most popular held till now are following
– One day seminar on developing an entrepreneurial attitude for skill development
– Certificate distribution ceremony of the second in-house capacity building training workshop at GSCWU