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COMSATS University Lahore Campus

About Us

COMSATS University Lahore Campus became functional in 2002. The university has iconic academic activities, excellent research, bright extra-curriculum side, and symbolic multidimensional courses.
Students and young professionals are taught different degree programs in engineering, technology, and science. A large number of competent faculty members, dedicated researchers, and qualified staff are providing services to meet the modern challenges and demands of industry and fields.

COMSATS University Lahore Campus
COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus

COMSATS University Lahore Campus – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

u003cstrongu003eDepartments and Programsu003c/strongu003e

COMSATS University Lahore Campus opens admissions for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs bi-annually, i.e. Spring and Fall intake. An applicant has to apply first through an online application portal or manually through visiting the admission office of the university. After a thorough assessment of all applications, the merit list of successful candidates is announced and admission offer letters are issued to them. After that, the candidate deposits his/her dues before the commencement of classes. COMSATS University Lahore campus has the following requirements for undergraduate and graduate programs. Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs 1. 12 years of relevant education or equivalent with 50% marks from an accredited educational institution. 2. Valid NTS score as per the policy of COMSATS University Lahore Campus. Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs 1. 16 years of relevant education from an accredited educational institution, with minimum first division (Annual System) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (Semester System) and no third division (Annual System) or ‘D’ grade (Semester System) throughout the academic career. 2. NTS GAT (General) with a minimum score of 50. Selection Criteria for Postgraduate Programs 1. 18 years of relevant education with a thesis of 06 credit hours or its equivalent degree with a thesis of 06 credit hours from an accredited educational institution, with 70% marks (Annual System) or CGPA 3.0/4.0 (Semester System) and no third division (Annual System) or ‘D’ grade (Semester System) throughout the academic career. 2. GRE (Subject) as per the policy of HEC or NTS GAT (Subject) with a minimum score of 60.

Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture at COMSATS University Lahore Campus is providing an opportunity to revalue architectural education in Pakistan. To meet the loss of a few centuries.


Department of Art and Design

Department of Architecture at COMSATS University Lahore Campus is providing an opportunity for education in Pakistan. This department is aiming to recreate the art and design along with its historical background and importance. It also encourages innovation in design.

Interior Design

Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering has a great scope in academia. Pakistan is lacking in quality and dynamic chemical engineers for long. To bridge this gap, COMSATS University Lahore Campus laid the foundation of this department in 2005. The faculty members are teaching the students with advanced research and knowledge. Students also learn practical skills in highly furnished and well equipped chemical laboratories available in the campus.

Chemical Engineering ✔

Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science at COMSATS University Lahore Campus equips its students with technical understanding and practical exposure. Faculty with high intellectual level and diverse experience in teaching the students and young professionals with a problem-solving approach. The University has new research trends in Cloud Computing, Information Security System, Artificial Intelligence, Image & Language Processing, Communication, and Networking.

Computer Science
Software Engineering

Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry at COMSATS University Lahore Campus is offering an excellent opportunity for the students to excel in chemical sciences. Students are also facilitated by modern labs and distinguished faculty. This department has many international recognition and collaborations as well. Nowadays, the department is conducting research in the medical plantation, advanced methods of synthesis, forensic science, and environmental protection.


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at COMSATS University Lahore Campus has existed for studying various disciplines of electrical and computer engineering. Its course content enables students to learn techniques to solve complex engineering problems. The department has modern laboratories and resources for practical understanding. It also introduces the students to managerial and professional skills. The department has an inclination towards medical electronics, robotics, machine learning, and energy optimization.

Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering
Electrical (Electronics) Engineering

Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities at COMSATS University Lahore Campus is one of the best departments at university having highly qualified staff, teachers, researchers, and professionals. They are teaching various courses including Technical Writing, English, Sociology, and related studies.

Media and Communication Studies
English (Linguistics & Literature)

Department of Management Sciences

The Department of Management Sciences at COMSATS University Lahore Campus is not only working to introduce the management skills in students but also playing a role to improve the standards of education. It has many industrial linkages as well. Highly qualified faculty members teach all the required subjects in good order and strengthen the personal traits of a student to cater to all the challenges the practical field. They are also conducting research in the corporate sector and incubation business models.

Business Administration
Accounting & Finance
Business Studies
Project Management
Management Sciences

Department of Economics

Since 2009, the Department of Economics at COMSATS University Lahore Campus aims to contribute the knowledge in all core areas of Economics. Currently, it is the emerging and leading field of study in Pakistan in terms of faculty strength and diversity of offered courses and research publications.


Department of Mathematics

Mathematics itself is a mature and complex subject. Fortunately, the Department of Mathematics at COMSATS University Lahore Campus has distinguished faculty members with a doctorate to teach the courses and perform the analysis. Since its foundation in 2002, the department has been leading in research productivity and national awards.


Department of Physics

To meet the requirements of modernization, the Department of Physics has been working since 2007 at COMSATS University Lahore Campus. The aim is to produce physicists through interactive and scientific learning. Competent professors and practitioners are responsible for setting up new trends in learning, teaching, and research.


Department of Pharmacy

Department of Statistics at COMSATS University Lahore Campus provides education according to the latest research and its modern implications. Teachers always keep practical importance in mind while designing the curriculum for the students.


Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics at COMSATS University Lahore Campus is providing an education of statistical methods and its modern implications. Teachers always keep practical importance in mind while designing the curriculum for the students. A regular visit to the industry makes the thinking and mindset of students and professionals more critical.


Every educational institution aims to invest in the professional and academic growth of students. There are always some bright students, who want to excel but the limited financial resource is the only stone in their path. In this regard, COMSATS University Lahore Campus is assisted by numerous scholarships, internal and external funding, financial aids, and awards. The Office of Development is established for the award and handling of these scholarships. It also appreciates and entertains the queries of talented but financially incapable students to promote learning and educational options.

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u003cstrongu003eResearch and Developmentu003c/strongu003e
Workshops and Seminars

COMSATS University Lahore Campus is a leading public sector institution in the field of research having more than 2404 research publications having a high impact factor in HEC recognized journals. Besides this, the university has a recent research trend in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and management. CUI Lahore Campus also has updated research labs and centers. To merge the theoretical knowledge and field practices, it conducts workshops and conferences apart from the curriculum.

Workshops and seminars at COMSATS University
Lahore Campus make individuals grow mentally and socially and knowledge-wise
too. The students gain insight into diverse aspects of different fields. They help
expand their knowledge, skills and also build confidence in them.
A workshop on “Self Defence and Counter-Terrorism” was conducted by the
Department of Physics CUI, Lahore on April 3rd,2018.
2nd International conference on “Energy Systems for Sustainable
Development” was conducted on November 22-24, 2017.