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COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus

About Us

COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal campus is located half-way between Lahore and Multan on COMSATS Road off G.T Road Sahiwal. It was formally instated on September 23, 2006. The campus is spread over an area of 36 acres. CUI Sahiwal offering a broad range of programs in the field of Management Sciences, Biosciences, Engineering, Computer Science, and Humanities. The highly qualified faculty plays the role of adviser for our students and nurtures their individual talents, which is comparable to the best in the world. The institute develops collaborative relationships between teachers and students for pursuing excellence in the fields of education and research. The institute also focuses on group projects to make students learn to be co-operative and productive as team members.

To enhance learning abilities and practical skills, the institution regularly organizes numerous seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions. Its aim is to inject highly qualified professionals in the industry and field sectors. All the labs are highly equipped and the rooms are well furnished.

The educational approach of CUI Sahiwal is process-oriented so that to give the students industrial exposure through internship programs, which provides our students with professional the opportunity to bloom in the existent work environment. CUI Sahiwal, try to ensure that the time spent by the students with CUI Sahiwal is a time of growth and discovery.

The University fully initial the passage ‘from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side’. Through innovative teaching and co-curriculum activities, it provides opportunities for intellectual stimulation and active learning. At CUI, teachers inspire the students to be satisfactorily prepared for life, work, and civic participation.

COMSATS Sahiwal Campus adheres to become excellence in the field of Science and information technology and becoming a competent state of the art academic and research University.

COMSATS University Islamabad-Sahiwal Campus Admissions

Faculties & Departments

Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Programs

1. 12 years of relevant education or equivalent with 50% marks from an accredited educational institution.
2. Valid NTS score as per the policy of COMSATS University Sahiwal.

Selection Criteria for Graduate Programs

1. 16 years of relevant education from an accredited educational institution, with minimum first division (Annual System) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (Semester System) and no third division (Annual System) or ‘D’ grade (Semester System) throughout the academic career.
2. NTS GAT (General) with a minimum score of 50.

Selection Criteria for Postgraduate Programs

1. 18 years of relevant education with a thesis of 06 credit hours or its equivalent degree with a thesis of 06 credit hours from an accredited educational institution, with 70% marks (Annual System) or CGPA 3.0/4.0 (Semester System) and no third division (Annual System) or ‘D’ grade (Semester System) throughout the academic career.
2. GRE (Subject) as per the policy of HEC or NTS GAT (Subject) with a minimum score of 60.



Faculty of Information & Technology

Department of Computer Sciences

Computer Science 
Software Engineering   
Telecommunication & Networking   


Faculty of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical (Electronics) Engineering   

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering   

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering  

Faculty of Sciences

Department of Biosciences

Food Science & Nutrition   

Department of Mathematics


Faculty of Business Administration

Department of Management Sciences

Business Administration✔(BBA)
✔ (MBA Executive 2 Years)
✔  (1.5-year program) 
Accounting & Finance✔(BSA&F)   
Business Studies   
Management Sciences   

  1. 100% Merit Talent Hunt Scholarship
  2. Special Scholarship
  3. Kinship Scholarship
  4. Top Position Holders Scholarship
  5. Top 5% Merit Scholarship
  6. Qarz-e-Hasna
  7. NTS Need-Based Scholarship
  8. Workers Welfare Board Scholarship
  9. HEC Need-Based Scholarship
  10. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)
  11. HEC PAK-USAID Merit-Based Scholarship
  12. HEC PAK-USAID Need-Based Scholarship
  13. Prime Minister’s National ICT R&D Fund Scholarship
  14. Chief Minister of Educational Endowment Fund (CMEEF)
  15. Baluchistan Educational Endowment Fund (BEEF)
  16. Industrialist/Philanthropist Scholarship
  17. Pakistan Engineering Council Scholarship
  18. Punjab Employees Benevolent Fund


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Research & Development
Workshops & Seminars

COMSATS University Sahiwal, is a leading public sector institution in the field of research having more than 600+ research publications having a high impact factor in HEC recognized journal. Besides this, the university has recent research trend in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and management. CUI Sahiwal also has dynamic research groups, updated research labs, and centers. To merge the theoretical knowledge and field practices, it conducts workshops and conferences apart from the curriculum.


  1. Optimization Research & Innovation Center (OPTRIC).
  2. Antenna & Communication Research Center (ACRC).
  3. Plant Sciences Research Group.
  4. Human & Animal Sciences Research Group.
  5. Bioinformatics Research Group.
  6. Formal Methods & Software Engineering (FMSE) Research Group.
  7. Big Data Analytics (BDA) Research Group.
  8. Computer Vision & Image Processing (CVIP) Research Group.
  9. Networks & Communications (NETCOMM) Research Group.
  10. Mobile & Pervasive Computing (MPS) Research Group.
  11. Structural Integrity & Reliability of Materials Research Group.
  12. Energy Systems Research Group.
  13. Heat & Mass Transfer Research Group.
  14. Computational Mechanics Research Group.
  15. Dynamics & Control Research Group.
  16. Engineering Management Research Group.
  17. DICE Automotive Research Group.
  18. Material Sciences & Engineering Research Group.
  19. Design & Manufacturing Research Group.
  20. Numerical Analysis & Scientific Research (NASR) Research Group.
  21. Graph Theory & Combinatorics Research Group.
  22. General Relativity & Cosmology Research Group.
  23. CAGD Research Group.
  24. Metamaterials Research Group.
  25. Fluid Mechanics Research Group.
  26. Capacity Building Research Group.
  27. Policy Dialogue Research Group.
  28. Bio-Electromagnetics Research Group.
  29. Applied Magnetics & Modern Antenna Research Group.
  30. Electrical Engineering Research Groups


  1. Harappa International Conference
  2. Project Formulation Workshop
  3. Workshop on Public Sector of Pakistan, Social Equity Imperatives & Governance Dynamics
COMSATS University Sahiwal