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Bahria University (BU), is a public research university predominantly located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The university has campuses in Karachi and Lahore as well. The university was established by the Pakistan Navy in the year 2000, and it is a  semi-government university. It offers programs in undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies. The university makes professionals in areas like Electronics & Telecommunication, Electrical, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Business Management, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Professional Psychology, Social Sciences and Law every year. Bahria University is originator member of the Education Futures Collaboration charity.

The goal of the university is to be an internationally recognized university one day that contributes towards the development of the nation through excellence in education and research and to acquire highest standards in learning, research, and teaching.

Faculties & Programs


Bahria University (BU) greets all candidates qualified to achieve the University’s laid down academic eligibility standards without considering any specific gender, race, creed, or age. Two percent of seats are reserved for disabled persons.


  1. 12 years of field related education, passed with at least second division from any registered institution.
  2. 50% marks in entry test.


  1. 16/18 years of education with at least second division with aggregate 45% in the annual system and 2.5 cgpa in semester system.
  2. 50% marks in entry test.

Bahria University has four faculties with the best and highly qualified and experienced teachers and our University offers a variety of programs.

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering has different departments and offers a large number of undergraduate as well as graduate programs including Department of Software Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Computer Science, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

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Faculty of Management Sciences

Faculty of Management Sciences has three departments including Department of Management Sciences, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences and Department of Media Studies.

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Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences has the main department of Dental Section along with other departments including Peripheral Nervous System, Department of Pre – Clinical Sciences and Department of Clinical Sciences.

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Faculty of Professional Psychology

Faculty of Professional Psychology owns only one department and it has the best and qualified faculty.

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Bahria University offers a variety of scholarships to the deserving students including;

  1. HEC Overseas Scholarships.
  2. PEEF Scholarships.
  3. Undergraduate Scholarships.
  4. Post Graduate Scholarships.
  5. Engineering and IT Scholarships.
  6. Medical Scholarships.
  7. Merit-Based Scholarships.
  8. Need-Based Scholarships.
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Research & Development
University Ranking

Bahria University research institutes provide scientific research in the development of medical, environmental, natural sciences as well as in the engineering and philosophy. Bahria University has a good name and position in the field of research and our scholars publish their work every year in the best journals with high impact factor.