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Timergara, the headquarters of Dir, is located in the east bank of the Pankjora river with an estimated population of 43,700. Timergara is a small, weak infrastructure district with a low economy where climate fluctuates from high to cool all year-round. The region is renowned for its delicious foods such as lassi and saag, making a good place for tourist attraction.
The Abdul Wali Khan University (AWKU Timergara Campus) was named after the famous social activist and writer-Abdul Wali Khan. The university was established in 2011, September in Timergara, KPK. The main campus was dawned in Mardan to provide facilities and education not only to people inhabited in Mardan but also to those living in the surrounding areas.
The AWKU Timergara Campus’ main objective is to encourage education and eradicate illiteracy to sustain a peaceful and non-violent society. This institute offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate education. The campus consists of highly qualified faculty and staff and strives to provide every resource and opportunity to cultivate young minds so they can succeed further.

AWKU Timergara Campus – Admissions, Departments & Scholarships

The AWKU Timergara Campus offers education in undergraduate and graduate programs.
Selection criteria for undergraduate program
– For undergraduate programs, the applicants with 50% marks in aggregate are eligible to appear in the entry tests.
Selection criteria for graduate programs
– For graduate programs, the candidate should have a prior BS degree with sufficient CGPA to be qualified to participate in the entrance.

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science

Department of Management Science

Business Administration

Department of Sociology


Abdul Wali Khan University Timergara Campus has a very detailed scholarship program to assist to well-founded and financially limited students. AWKU Timergara Campus university
– Funded scholarships
– HEC based scholarships
– Scholarships for position holders
– Sibling fee concession scholarships
– Minority scholarships

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In this age of exploration and modernization, research and development are the main elements of every organization. When well-designed and used, it may solve most of our issues by increasing efficiency and productivity thereby increasing the economy.
Research may not only increase profit but then it may be used for protection, safety, medication, and other purposes to benefit the society, the human race, and the environment. The Abdul Wali Khan University Timergara Campus has made a huge contribution to improving society from creation to modernization.

Seminars are opportunities to explore straightforward agendas, raise awareness about specific issues, or simply addressing problems. The University of Wali Khan Timergara campus has contributed awareness-raising activities and has also facilitated the students with opportunities to exhibit and practice their talents.
– One day national seminar on national politics and foreign policy of Pakistan. (25th April 2013)
– One day workshop on the implementation of plagiarism policy (23-05-2012)
– Women rights collaboration at PRDP

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