10 Tips to Obtain a Fully Funded Foreign Scholarship

Knowledge was, is, and always will be man’s greatest treasure. Being from a ‘developing nation’, most of the students across Pakistan aren’t in the state of affording their education after bachelor’s or even up to bachelors in some specific cases and areas.

So, in a country like Pakistan, availing of a ‘fully funded foreign scholarship’ is one of the top goals of every graduate. In this regard, various strategic and diplomatic ties of Pakistan with other nations across the world enable the students to get their hands on several scholarship opportunities and student exchange programs.

Scholarships like Korean Government Scholarship (KGS), Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS), University of Waterloo Bill Harvie international awards in Canada, International & EU Scholarships Scheme in the UK, New Jersey City University International merit awards in the USA, etc. are the top targets of graduates across Pakistan.

Now, let’s talk about some points that, in my opinion, affect the most whether your scholarship application or interview will have the chance of availing scholarship or not.


Without a doubt, the first thing observed by universities and the interviewer is how you look at things. You can either be optimistic, pessimistic, object-oriented, or whatever your view of life is, but your application or body gestures must represent your perspective of life.


Before applying for the respective scholarship, research all the aspects thoroughly. Country of residence, course outline, rules and regulations, personal expenses, salient features of the university, etc. In short, you must address every possible aspect of the scholarship as your research will clearly show your dedication and commitment to avail the scholarship.


On average, the major reason behind scholarship application rejection is the ‘undecisive’ nature of applicants. Most students apply for more than one field of study without fully understanding what exactly they want to major in or have enough academic background to apply for, which ultimately implies a negative impression on both the university and the interviewer.


‘Communication is the key’, like every other aspect of life, good communication always helps to persuade people. The better you’ll be able to explain yourself, your concepts, your ideology, and your vision, the better the university or the interviewer will understand your personality which eventually adds plus points to your selection for the scholarship.

Self Confidence

Never be afraid to express their beliefs and ideas openly in front of people regardless of their number. Most universities look for individuals who have the guts to speak up and present their ideas to make the world a better place. So, believe in yourself and speak whatever you think is the best possible answer in the current scenario.


The better you understand the fundamental concepts of your subject, the better you’ll perform during a scholarship interview or test. According to my observation, most of the students believes that ‘cramming’ is the key to success and without a doubt up to school or college level here in Pakistan it is, but to avail opportunities like these, one must know better than what’s written in the textbook with the added spice of imagination.


Do you know what’s the major reason why various nations and universities spend billions of dollars each year to get students from across each corner of the globe? The answer is simple – innovation. They are in the constant search of voices and ideas no one has heard or seen before, so make sure to make them believe that your one of such voices.


Even if you’re not so very good in one or two points above, your spirit must be able to cover all that up. Always be eager to learn new things, it shows the strength of your spirit and how much you genuinely care about this opportunity. It’ll surely have a positive impact on the university and the interviewer.


It’s great to have the knowledge, but the knowledge that leads to arrogance is not better than ignorance itself. You must be able to express yourself as a person who learns from past failed endeavours to move forward in life. In my opinion, nothing sparks more in a candidate than the will to build his way up from ground zero and always open to learning from mistakes.

A Greater Cause

Last but not the least, the sense of working for something greater than yourself. Most of the applicants apply for foreign scholarships to get settled down in the same country and live their life with ease, but the universities and the interviewer aren’t looking for such candidates, they already have students graduating from their schools, colleges, and universities. All they want is someone whose ambition is greater than his/herself.


Hope this article will surely help in clearing your vision about steps to follow to avail of foreign scholarship and get into your dream university. Take a look at some of the top foreign scholarship opportunities for Pakistani students, contact us here if you’re still finding the answers to your questions, we’ll be glad to help!