SLS Montessori and School, Peshawar Road Campus, Rawalpindi

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SLS (Sadeeqa’s Learning system) Montessori school and High school is situated on Peshawar road Rawalpindi, Punjab. SLS Montessori and high school system was inaugurated by Madam Asiya Talha and Sir Talha Omer in the year 1982. Initially it was started as a Nursery school situated on Tulsa Road in Rawalpindi having five students only. Madam Asiya instigated Maria Montessori’s strategy in the year 1992 and made SLS the First ever school of Rawalpindi implementing the Montessori methodology  after studying at London Montessori Centre. The first group of Matriculation of our school passed out in year 1996. Our Montessori based school has very colorfully decorated and beautiful furnished classrooms for the kids to provide them an environment in which they can easily adjust and enjoy along with the studies.


Our learning system has very well experienced, professional and kind hearted teachers hired on strict terms and condition who handles the Montessori level children with so much love and they all are capable of creating  friendly environment in order to make them adjust in the classroom and make them feel just like  home so that they can get knowledge and groom themselves in a good way.

Play Area

SLS Montessori school has a large play area having playing equipment according to the age groups of school. Playing equipment present at our playground includes Expression swings, see saw, climbers etc from which our little shining stars can entertain themselves in their free time.

Computer Labs

Our school has two computer labs having upgraded PCs for the student in order to get help in studies about general terms used in computers by doing practical  as well as to play games once they have done from the lecture and practical work, and each class gets two sessions in a week.

Medical care center

SLS has a medical care center and it has one qualified MBBS doctor to handle any type of emergency situation and as it is Montessori section so in case of any injury happened to any kid while playing, in such situation to provide first aid our doctor is always there.


Our school has a very nicely maintained library with so many books including story books, poems, graphical books of computer studies and many more colorful and attractive books with a lot of knowledge in them which an individual can easily gets on its own without help of any teacher according to the need of shining stars of our school and each class has one library period in a week.


The admission procedure followed by SLS is as follows:

  1. Student must be registered in the Office Of Accounts first and this registration does not assure the admission of the student.
  2. After getting registered student must appear in the entry test on the date given by the school
  3. If student passes the entry test the parents should get the admission form from the accounts office , and that admission form must be filled in BLOCK letters and then submitted to the accounts office with all the documents required by the school.
  4. After completion of the above requirements , parents are suppose to get the package (admission) from our accounts office including list of books, dress code, prospectus along with our school logo badge, welcome letter and the fees card.

List of required documents

  1. Copy of B-form
  2. Two photographs
  3. Copy of school leaving certificate if applicable
  4. Father’s ID card copy
  5. Fees payment. (Note: No rule of fee concession is present in our school)

To be Noted

12th of every month is the last date of fees submission, after that the fees must be paid with the fine. Incase if withdrawal of child from the school, advance one month notice must be provided by the parents else one month’s advance fee will be charged. Go through the instructions given on the back of admission form to get a know how of the rules and regulations of payment.

Extra Curricular Activities

There are so many extra curricular activities held in our school few of them are listed below:

Habitat day

On this day our campus organize a beautiful assembly enlightening the significance of habitats and the requirements that are needed in order to preserve the habitat of different group of organisms. In this assembly few activities takes place by our Montessori kids. Along with this our teachers and students decorates the school with colorful charts of different animals and some extinct and endangered species etc.

Mother Language day

The mother language day focused on spreading awareness about linguistic and cultural variety in our country by taking help of dialogues along with dances and songs. Our stars dresses up according to their culture by wearing colorful dresses by wearing Sindhi, Balochi and Punjabi dresses.

Along with these activities a field trip is also organized by our school every year in order to give our shining stars a day full of fun with their fellows.


SLS Montessori and School, 297 Peshawar Rd, Saddar, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000, Pakistan