HEC Partial Support Program for PhD Abroad

Ending doctorate studies is the most important part of the entire process. They are the culmination of years of effort and research. Unforeseen events, such as financial hardships or time limits, can jeopardise all of this hard work. For international students, this is especially problematic.

As a result of these difficulties, the Higher Education Commission has established a specific programme to help students. This programme provides financial assistance to abroad scholars who are in the last phases of their PhD studies and need financial assistance (e.g. tuition, thesis evaluation/submission fee, living expenses, etc.) in order to complete their studies. For PhD students who need this support to complete their studies in a shorter period of time, or so they can return home earlier, this applies. Public sector universities/DAIs faculty members who are pursuing a PhD overseas are also eligible for this benefit.

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Financial Support

Under the Partial Support for PhD Program, HEC will grant successful applicants a one-time award with a maximum amount of US $15,000. The amount can cover tuition fee, research or study related expenses, or living allowances.

Applicants have to fill out the requisite form for the program, along with official documents detailing the fee/expenses for which the assistance is required.

All payments due to the university/institution are paid directly to the institute, while individual payments (e.g. living allowances) will be given through the Pakistan Consulate in the foreign country or its subsidiary office.

The program is open for applications the entire year. Meetings are held every quarter for the selection of individuals who will receive the award.

How to Apply

Interested individuals can download the application form “Apply Now” button. In addition to the form, applicants need to send the following documents:

  • Attested photocopies of all academic documents including degrees, certificates, and transcripts.
  • Detailed CV
  • Attested photocopies of National ID Card and Pakistani Passport showing a valid Visa of the foreign country.
  • Supporting letter from the university where the student is enrolled.
  • Supporting letter with surety bond from parent public sector organization / university in Pakistan.
  • Letter from the host university account section with full financial details.
  • Surety bond with HEC for 2 years (non-faculty/ Pakistani citizens).



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