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An Advanced Profile is your dedicated institution page on,
where candidates can access specific decision-making data about your offers, arranged in an easy to review and compare format.

Brand and customize your institution's page

Add your university’s logo, profile images, rankings, and accreditation information and drive more interest and applications along the way.

Provide Easy access to your website

Add a visit website tab/ links to your Advanced Profile, ensuring those who are interested in your programs, can get on to the relevant sections of your website.

Highlight key admissions requirements

Provide prospective students with all the info they need to shortlist your institution, including GPA and other entry requirements, fees and more.

Use of Institutional search tool to your advantage

Candidates can use your dedicated page to gather decision influencing information, after using our comparison tool to narrow their search based on location, study level, and desired subject area.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we will provide the login details of our portal through which you can easily make changes in the profile of your institution.

The profile will start appearing on Google with 48 hours after it’s published. 

Yes, can be accessed anywhere from the world using a browser and internet connection.

Yes, you can get a custom design for your profile.

Talk to us, we will sort out your budget issues 🙂

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