6th International Conference -

Drug Development-Natural & Synthetic

In the heart of nature

This conference on “Drug Discovery – Natural & Synthetic” is being organized in the epicenter of Pakistan’s tourism, Abbottabad by COMSATS University, Abbottabad Campus.

International Guest Speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Christa. E. Müller, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Athar Ata, Canada
  • Prof. Dr. Osman Mirza, Denmark
  • Prof. Dr. Zahid H. Siddiq, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Langer, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Claus Jacob, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Eric D. Walters, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Ali Khademhosseini, USA
.. and many others

Areas of Discussion

  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Anticancer and anti-diabetic drug
  • discovery
  • Drug repurposing
  • Structural and functional genomics
  • Food and drug administration
  • Combination therapy
  • Islets of Langerhans and β-cell
  • pathophysiology
.. many others

Schedule and Contact Details

Join this amazing gathering of scientists, researchers, policy makers, activitis, doctors and other interested in drug discovery on this Drug Discovery – Natural & Synthetic Conference 2019 Organized by Center of Advanced Drug Research in COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus. 


29- 30 November, 2019 Frinday-Saturday

We are here

COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus, University Road, Abbottabad
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