Senior Command & Staff Course

The Senior Command & Staff Course (SC&SC) is divided into two parts: a one-year correspondence component and an eleven-week residence component. The Senior Command and Staff Course (SC&SC) is conducted by the Staff Wing of the Air War College for mid-career officers from all arms of the Pakistan Air Force, Army, Navy, and allied countries. A BSc (Hons) degree in War Studies are awarded to successful graduates.
The course is purely mid-career training for the serving armed personnel from all armed forces and allied foreigner officers. It improves and polishes the skills of the student officers through coursework and training. It tends to improve their command skills to work more effectively.

Core Courses

  • Theory of war
  • Nuclear Strategy and single Services Strategies
  • Methodology for evolving Joint Military and Operational Strategies
  • Operational art, its evolution and application in Contemporary Environment
  • Strategy and Military History
  • War –games, Map Exercises and case studies

Eligibility Criteria

  • Meeting Official Criteria
  • Physically Fit


The degree holders of this course may have brighter chance of getting foreign courses and further promotion in their career. The learned skills are tactics that make the degree holders stand tall in the all areas of their workplaces. Generally, it is considered as one of the finest courses to improve the command skills and capabilities of the student officers.

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