PhD Plant Breeding & Genetics

Plant breeding is the application of genetics and related sciences to improve cultivated plant species. It is used to develop new varieties of agronomic, vegetable, horticultural, and ornamental crops that better meet the needs of modern living. After completing this degree, you will have gained fundamental knowledge in plant breeding that may be applied to a range of crops including annual and perennial horticultural crops, agronomic food and feed crops, and forestry products. The duration of the course is three years and after its successful completion, they have many career options.

Core Courses

  • Biometrical Techniques in Plant Breeding
  • Development of Hybrid and Seed Production
  • Genetics of Plant Disease and Insect Resistance
  • Advanced Methods in Plant Breeding
  • Evolution of Field Crops
  • Genetic Engineering in Plants
  • Genetics and Breeding of Oilseed Crops
  • Cotton Genetics and Breeding
  • Cereal Genetics and Breeding
  • Population Genetics

Eligibility Criteria

MSc (Hons) Agri/ MS with major in the relevant field

CGPA 2.5/4.00 (Semester System)/ 2nd division with at least 45% marks (annual system)


Plant Breeding Employment Areas

  • Educational Institutes
  • Plant Breeding Centres
  • Genetic Engineering Firms
  • Nurseries
  • Agriculture Departments
  • Biotechnology Companies

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