PhD Forensic Science

PhD Forensic Science is a 3-5-years degree program that comprises of coursework, practical training, and research thesis. The doctorate program aims to provide the students with an excellent scientific education in a biomedical and legal context from forensic faculty. The degree holders are experts and scientists in their respective fields of expertise. The students of forensic science get practical training in various scientific specialties. Medicine, physics, engineering, computer science, psychology, and other fields are all used in forensic science degrees.
PhD Forensic Science equips the degree holders with advanced skills in the field. Doctoral candidates collaborate with their supervisors to construct a research topic that will make a unique and substantial contribution to the field of forensic science. PhD studies might range from developing essential discipline knowledge to tackling new difficulties by cooperating with industry partners. A variety of specialties are available for project supervision

Core Courses

  • Research Thesis
  • Principles of Forensic Science
  • Forensic Toxicology &Medicine
  • Forensic Genetics & Immunology
  • Biological Evidence and Serology

Eligibility Criteria

  • 18 years of education in the relevant subjects with at least 3.00/4.00 CGPA or equivalnet marks
  • NTS GRE with required score
  • Pass admission test (as per university policy)



Forensic science is a broad field in which scientists from numerous disciplines analyze physical evidence in judicial disputes. The criminal stats in Pakistan are pretty alarming. One of the main factors is the lack of investigation. Investigation is necessary for proper law and justice. Like any other field, forensic science is concerned with how to obtain evidence. It also includes information about courtroom presentations. Both the business and public sectors require forensic scientists. Forensic scientists can work in the National Accountability Bureau, intelligence agencies’ forensic labs, the police department, the Federal Investigative Agency, the military, the education sector, the Justice Department, and the Anti-Corruption Department.

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