Ph.D. Statistics

The PhD Statistics program provides scholars with a wide range of opportunities, and it is best suited to students who want to pursue a future career in research and teaching. Scholars are shaped by their program tenure to achieve national and worldwide acclaim. The program provides scholars with all of the most recent theoretical framework breakthroughs from across the world and polishes their skills by combining basic conceptual tools with upcoming advancements addressing complex data generating procedures. The PhD Statistics program offers a variety of options with the primary goal of producing researchers with cutting-edge statistical abilities and knowledge to comprehend diverse goals.
The Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics program prepares students for careers in teaching and independent and collaborative statistical research by providing high-quality lectures, practical training and other research opportunities. This degree prepares academics to teach and conduct research on data-driven decision-making processes using analytic approaches

Core Courses

  • Advanced Techniques in Statistical Analysis
  • Advanced Topics in Experimental Designs
  • Advanced Topics in Sampling Techniques
  • Advanced Topics in Regression Analysis
  • Research Thesis

Eligibility Criteria

  • 18 years of education in the relevant field with at least 3.00/4.00 CGPA or equivalent marks
  • NTS GAT (General) or GRE Subject test  with 60% score
  • Pass Admission Test with required marks (as per university criteria)


Graduates of this degree can work in a variety of sectors in research, industry, and government. Because there is a continual demand for highly skilled data analytics specialists, graduates of the Ph.D.-Statistics program can find work in academia, federal research laboratories, government agencies, Defence and financial businesses, and nonprofit organizations. A candidate with a PhD in statistics can help with the design and analysis of clinical trials as well as the evaluation of new pharmacological drugs. The degree holders can benefit agricultural, ecological, environmental, or energy research sector. Besides working actively in these sectors, the PhDs have quite a good scope in the faculty of the universities

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