Ph.D. Health Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences is a three-year degree program offered after a Masters in Health Sciences or relevant degree. Ph.D. in Health Sciences concentrates on the health of society, nutrition, and prevention of illnesses. The scientific project is the mandatory part of the Ph.D. program in a particular domain of health sciences. This scientific research project enhances the capabilities and expertise of the students so that they can better excel in their practical field. Moreover, Health Sciences is such a diverse field of medicine where students can enjoy a wide range of medical domains to pursue their research work and career development.

Core Courses

  • Evidence-based Medical practice
  • Global Epidemiology
  • Leadership in Healthcare
  • Health Policy, Planning, and Management
  • Conflict Resolution in Healthcare
  • Community Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Eligibility Criteria

  • MS/Mphil in Health Sciences or relevant field with 3.0 CGPA.
  • Passing marks in entrance exams.


As we know that Ph.D. programs are offered to students with a background of Masters in relevant fields, the Ph.D. program in Health Sciences further boosts up the skills and expertise of the students. The Ph.D. in Health Sciences opens the gates of a diverse range of job opportunities. It also relies on the capabilities and learning of the Ph.D. degree holders; the more skilled, the more career choices. In Pakistan, professionals of Health Sciences are recruited by institutes that deal with human health. For instance, hospitals, national and international health institutes and research centers, pharmacies, community health care centers, academics, etc. Moreover, numerous job opportunities for the professionals of Health Sciences are available in foreign countries because the scope of Health Sciences is very high across the world. Some of the job opportunities available for the students on completing the Ph.D. program are mentioned below:

  • Behavior analyst.
  • Community health or public health worker
  • Hearing aid specialist.
  • Health educator
  • Mental health counselor.
  • Patient care advocate
  • Pharmacy sales representative


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