Ph.D. Geophysics

Ph.D. in Geophysics is 3 to 5 years degree program. In this program, students learn how to conduct research and apply it to the exploration of natural resources and the production of energy as well as the protection of the environment. Geophysics is a multidisciplinary field that includes geology, physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics as well as other disciplines. Specific credit hours in engineering or mathematics coursework, as well as chemistry with laboratory, are required for some programs to be completed. The majority of geophysics programs require students to complete core courses that broaden their understanding of geophysics as a whole.

Core Courses

  • Seismic Data Interpretation
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Hydrogeology
  • Environmental Geology
  • Geomagnetism & Paleomagnetism
  • Marine Geology
  • Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology
  • Computing with Matlab
  • Stratigraphy of Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria

  • MS in Geophysics with minimum 2.5 CGPA.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


Students interested in learning more about the structure, behavior, and features of the Earth should apply to a geophysics Ph.D. program. Students with a master’s degree in this discipline will be qualified for a variety of jobs involving the study of the Earth and its natural processes. Ph.D. Geophysics graduates can go on to work as scientists, researchers, or educators. Geophysicists frequently work in academic contexts. The following are some popular career options:

  • Seismologist
  • Tectnophysicist
  • Volcanologist

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