Electrical Engineering (Wireless communication, Telecommunication Networks, Power & Energy, Control System)

With a focus on mobile wireless communications, signal processing, industrial electronic systems, computer architecture, power systems and embedded electronic system design, this PhD in Electrical Engineering programme provides advanced education and research to develop knowledge and expertise in all electrical engineering fields. Students learn how to think logically and independently perform high-quality research via the curriculum. Modern electrical engineering fields such as communication systems, computer networks and embedded systems, nano electronics and VLSI Design signal processing are covered in depth in this course. R&D and university-level independent research are also possible outcomes of this programme. A full-time programme is the only option available. The PhD candidacy period is five years (including course work requirements). By the University's competent authority, candidacy extensions may be granted.

Core Courses

  • Computer Networks and Cyber Security
  • Digital Design and Embedded Systems
  • Communication Systems and Networks
  • Electrical Power and Energy Engineering
  • Robotics and Control Systems
  • Intelligent Systems

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 18 years of relevant education
  • Minimum 3.0/4.0 CGPA in Masters program from HEC recognized university


Electrical engineering positions, such as design engineers, test engineers, characterization engineers, applications engineers in the field as well as in research and development departments in universities as well as in industry are expected to be filled by graduates of the PhD Electrical Engineering programme.

  • Professor
  • Government Job
  • Aviation and Avionics
  • Industrial Plants
  • Communication and Satellite Navigation


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