Ph.D. Education (Distance & Non-Formal Education)

It is a 3–5-year doctorate program that aims at training the degree holder with advanced research skills to provide research professionals to the education system. Ph.D. DNFE enhances the professional abilities of the aspirant so that they can plan, develop, and implement the system for distance, non-formal education, and continuing education programs at various levels. The students will have to study coursework in the first year and a week's workshop as practical training. the students will be required to complete their research thesis to become eligible for the degree. The prerequisite for admission is the degree of MS/MPhil education preferably DNFE with 3.00 CGPA in the semester system or 1st division in the annual examination system. It is recommended to check the eligibility criteria before applying for admission.

Core Courses

  • Educational Research Methodology
  • Inclusive Education
  • Educational Leadership & Management
  • Emerging Trends in Pedagogy
  • Adult & Lifelong Education
  • Human Resource Management in Distance Education
  • E-Learning
  • Comparative Education

Eligibility Criteria

  • MS/Mphil in education with 3.0 CGPA.
  • Passing marks in the entrance exam.


Ph.D. in education (DNFE) is the highest degree in this field that aims at producing research analysts and professional educational planners at the local and national levels. The role of this degree in distance education has been quite positive in a country like ours to improve the literacy rate. People with this degree have planned and developed distance education institutes at various levels to provide education opportunities to various people. Therefore, the scope of this degree has been good in our country due to preferred distance education in many areas that don’t have enough secondary and higher secondary schools. However, now the scope of this degree has been raised to a higher level. The government education planning departments need more research specialists to devise a plan according to the ongoing situation of the pandemic. Conventional face-to-face education has seen total lockdown and converted towards distance education through media. The people with degrees in DNFE are now in high demand to support E-learning. Therefore, the scope of Ph.D. education (DNFE) has been increased in private and government educational institutes to integrate conventional and distance education properly.


Universities Offering Ph.D. Education (Distance & Non-Formal Education) in Pakistan

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