Ph.D. Basic & Clinical Dental Specialty

A Ph.D. in basic and clinical dental sciences provides advanced training and understanding in areas such as oral pathology, oral biology, dental materials science, and community dentistry. The primary purpose of the course is to equip instructors, trainers, research scholars, and knowledgeable, compassionate, technically skilled specialists in the field of fundamental sciences to diagnose as well as provide high-quality research, teaching, and training to postgraduate scholars.
The purpose of this course is to improve the trainee's ability to comprehend new technologies while also boosting his or her ability to absorb important biological ideas. It is designed to provide the trainee with an academic research background as well as significant practical experience that will enable them to advance their research and academic expertise.

Core Courses

  • Science of Dental Materials
  • Oral Pathology
  • Oral Biology
  • Research Methodology
  • Clinical Training/ Research Thesis (as per chosen specialty)

Eligibility Criteria

  • MDS with PMDC Registration Card
  • GRE- Subject with 60% score
  • Must pass Admission Test with required marks (as per university criteria)


PhD in Basic & Clinical Specialty is the degree that has gained a good scope in previous decade in Pakistan. There are many dentists who are interested in doing PhD in their field with an extra punch of research knowledge that let them standout in the academic careers. Because there has been seen an increase in employment of the professionals with MPhil or doctorate degree. The PhD degree holder of this field have good opportunities in government and private hospitals plus medical universities. Even it can be said that universities prefer to employ those PhD degree holders that have ample knowledge and experience in academia to have them as permanent faculty members.

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