Ph.D. Avionics Engineering

It is a 5 years Ph.D. program in avionic engineering, the highest degree in the field, that provides excellent research scientists engineers to the aviation electronics industry. It enables them to conduct advanced research to gauge and evaluate to provide professional assistance. The students will have complete coursework, comprehensive examination, and research thesis to become eligible for the degree. The prerequisite for admission in MS/MPhil/18 years of education in the relevant discipline with a minimum 3.00 CGPA or 1st division. The applicants must have passed GAT (subject) by NTS with 60%. OR GRE International (relevant field) by ETS, USA with 60% OR GAT (subject) by the relevant department with 70%. It is recommended to check the admission criteria of the university before applying.

Core Courses

  • Soft Computing Systems
  • Flight Dynamics & Control
  • Electromagnetic Field Theory
  • Satellite Communications
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Linear Systems Theory

Eligibility Criteria

  • MS in Avionics Engineering with 3.0 CGPA.
  • 60% marks in the entrance exam.


The Doctorate in Avionics Engineering aims at providing enhanced research skills training to bring betterment and development in the avionics industry. These finest researchers tend to research with high-tech techniques to evaluate the existing system to improve it and remove the minor errors if there are any. Ph.D. Avionics Engineers are like an asset to the field because of their expertise in the existing systems and research skills. They have high scope in the Pakistan Air Force, Civil Aviation, and the airport managing authority. These departments can work and develop only with the help of such professionals. With the advancement in SPARCO, the scope of these degree holders has increased in these departments as well. The new era demands highly educated and trained professionals. Besides working actively, these degree holders can work in the faculty of the universities that offer disciplines in this field. In this way, they can educate and train future avionic, aerospace, and aeronautics engineers.

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