Ph.D. Anatomy

The PhD program is a 2-5-years degree program that is for those who want to enhance their knowledge of the anatomical sciences. The PhD degree includes training to help students gain a deeper understanding of specialized human anatomical sciences, such as medical gross anatomy, human embryology, and human microscopic anatomy. The program gives students the tools they need to get the specialized training and teaching experience they need to pursue a career in medicine as an academic/research.
PhD Anatomy is mostly opted by doctors who have already chosen the field of research and teaching in medical sector. Therefore, this degree provides them more opportunity to enhance and increase their expertise in the field. As a result, this degree prepares qualified teachers and researchers in the medical profession. The course work, training, and research-work, during the degree, provide the best chance to the students to stand out.

Core Courses

  • Medical Biology & Genetics
  • Medical Education, Ethics & Writing
  • Instruments and Animal use in research
  • Research Thesis (in chosen specialty)

Eligibility Criteria

  • MS Anatomy with at least 3.00/4.00 CGPA or equivalent marks
  • GAT General with 60% cumulative score


PhD Anatomy is a specialized degree program for the doctors who want to enhance their skills in medical teaching and research. The degree has an extensive scope since medical institutions and universities require degree holders who are well educated and trained. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven the importance of medical research for the cure and control. As a result, with this degree, the degree holders have a strong chance of getting a job in the medical research departments of government and private sector.

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