MSc Forestry Extension

It is a 2 years degree program that enhances the knowledge about forests as natural assets. It also provides adequate information about deforestation, climate changes, natural resources, and biodiversity. All the factors are taught with a direct link to forestry extension. The prerequisite for admission in this degree program is BSc /14 years of education in a related subject with at least 45% marks (annual examination system) or 2.50 CGPA (semester system). The aspirants must have to clear GAT General with the required percentage. It is not a common degree and not offered by all the universities. Therefore, students must check out the universities that offer programs in this discipline.

Core Courses

  • Statistics
  • Approaches of Rural Development
  • Social & Community Forestry
  • Participatory Forestry
  • Forestry Extension Education
  • Argo-Forestry
  • Environment & Forestry
  • Principles of Rural Sociology
  • Tree Management
  • Range Land Management

Eligibility Criteria

  • 14 years of education in relevant field.
  • 50% marks in previous degree.
  • Passing marks in Entry test.


MSc in Forestry Extension is a degree that imparts education about the preservation, utilization, and usage of natural resources of forests. It also teaches the skills to decrease the loss of such precious natural forests and can even support growing more forests. Besides, it also gives adequate knowledge about the preservation and safety of inhabitants of the forests. Pakistan does not have vast forests and its natural forests are getting reduced day by day. Therefore, we need more professionals to preserve and restore our natural forests. This has increased the scope of the degree holders in forestry extension, particularly having postgraduate degrees. In the government forest department, there are many opportunities for the MSc in forestry extension. The government forest department has a quite wide range of work, throughout Pakistan, and it provides good opportunities to the degree holders to utilize their knowledge. Many international organizations and NGOs are also providing promising opportunities for degree holders in this field. MSc degree in Forestry Extension can be carried forward for higher studies to gain more knowledge and expertise.

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