MS Software Engineering

The Masters of Science in Software Engineering is a two-year graduate programs offered by various universities in Pakistan. If we define software engineering in simple terms, it is the process of working with computer programs and related documentation. These software programs are based on the data available. It is an engineering field that revolves around fundamental principles, tools, and processes to create high-quality, usable software. Master in Software Engineering induces academic knowledge and hands-on industrial training, and professional skills in specific areas of the computing world. At the end of this degree program, the software engineer can solve complicated problems of computing.

Core Courses

  • Advanced-Data Mining and Warehousing
  • Formal Methods and Specifications
  • Automated Software Engineering
  • Advanced Human-Computer Interaction
  • Advanced Usability Engineering
  • Research Methodology
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Software Metrics
  • Advanced Software System Architecture
  • Advanced Requirement Engineering

Eligibility Criteria

  •  16 years of education in relevant field.
  • 50% marks in previous degree.
  • Passing marks in the Entry exam.


By working as designers and managers of new software, the graduates play a key role in the local and global software industries. MS degree programs equip students with the skills and information they need to seek the finest career option in one of modern technology’s most dynamic fields. Students graduate with a comprehensive scientific understanding, proficiency in several mathematical tools, and the capacity to synthesize.

In recent decades, the exponential rise of technology and computing has increased the demand for specialists in the industry. Professional opportunities in the automotive and construction industries are available through the study. It will prepare them to work together to maintain, evaluate, plan, and deploy software systems using software engineering principles, techniques, and methods. The growing software engineering sector in Pakistan provides several chances for software engineers to work in the following top roles:

  • Software quality assurance engineer,
  • Systems programmer, 
  • Embedded software engineer, 
  • Software architect, 
  • Chief Technology Officer, 
  • Chief Information Officer, 
  • User Interface designer,
  • Information Systems Manager or 
  • Computer graphic designer 

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Universities Offering MS Software Engineering in Pakistan

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