MS Engineering Management

The MS Engineering Management Program is designed to link the gap between engineering and management. Students who complete the MS Engineering Management Program will be able to manage mechanical, industrial, and human functional processes while also accomplishing commercial objectives. Participants are taught key industry concepts such as decision analysis, risk estimation, and managing corporate projects. Modeling, analyzing, and controlling design and production activities, recognizing the impact of quality, cost, and timeliness metrics on engineering processes, developing business cases for justifying process, organizational, and technological projects, and building support for systems engineering and project management are all goals of this degree.

Engineers and scientists who want to broaden their knowledge outside their own technical discipline into management and business can benefit from the MS Engineering Management. It can be obtained with a bachelor's degree in science or engineering as a prerequisite. MS Engineering Management develops students' managerial and functional skills, allowing them to better manage mechanical, industrial, and human functional processes while also meeting business objectives. Decision analysis, risk estimate, and handling and legal issues associated to corporate projects are among the topics covered. The curriculum is specifically designed to provide students with the necessary tools for enhanced performance and economic viability in the high-tech industry.

Core Courses

  • Managerial Economics
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Finance of Technical Managers
  • Technology Management
  • Research Methodology

Eligibility Criteria

  • 16 years of education in relevant subject with minimum 2.00/4.00 CGPA or 60% marks
  • GAT(General) with 50% marks
  • Passing Entrance Test with required marks


This program is unusual in that it trains Pakistan’s future technical leadership for challenging responsibilities in a variety of technical fields. Whether it’s government organizations or private corporate technological problems, guiding the organizations ahead requires a mix of good technical understanding and shrewd business acumen. Technocrats’ position in Pakistan is rapidly evolving from technical management to providing leadership and vision to the country’s industry. This course has a nearly two-decade track record, with alumni serving in critical decision-making positions within Pakistan and internationally.

Manufacturing, quality management, supply chain management, healthcare, banking, information management, and related disciplines equip graduates for leadership roles in a wide range of industries. Engineering project manager, senior lead analyst, cost system analyst, construction management engineer, and industrial management engineer are all excellent career options. Top executives such as CEOs, MDs, and DGs, Production/Operation Managers, GMs, Technocrats, Manufacturers, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Technological Experts, Scientists, and Technical Managers would all profit from it.

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