MS/M.Phil. Microbiology

It is a postgraduate degree program following MSc or BSc and the duration can be different with respect to the previous degree. With an MSc degree, the MS/MPhil may have a lesser duration than with a BS degree. However, it can vary as per university policy. In most universities, it is a 2-year degree program. The prerequisite of admission is MSc/BS (Hons) and an MBBS degree holder can also apply. However, the applicants with MBBS must have registration with a competent authority. The aspirants need to clear GAT-General with a 50% accumulative score. It is recommended to check the admission policy of the institute before applying.

Core Courses

  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Vaccine Development
  • Gene Expression and Regulation
  • Nano Biotechnology
  • Microbial Transformation
  • Oncology
  • Epidemiology
  • Instrumentation & Analytical Techniques
  • Proteomics and Genomics

Eligibility Criteria

  • BS (Hons.) or equivalent(MSc) with 60% marks or 2.5CGPA
  • Entrance test with 60% marks


MS/MPhil Microbiology is a superior degree that enables the degree holder to work in research and technical fields skillfully and professionally. In public and private universities, the MS/MPhil degree holders are employed for academics. All scientific research and development institutes have a place for MPhil to enhance their skilled capacity. The new increased trends in the field of DNA have increased the scope of MPhil microbiology. Many untreatable hereditary diseases are now considered curable due to DNA alterations.

 The eruption of the pandemic of Covid-19 has increased the research in the development of vaccines and epidemiology. This increased flux of research in a particular field has opened more horizons for experts in Microbiology. The MPhil is a higher postgraduate degree that enhances the research skills to conduct research and experiments. Many pharmaceutical companies prefer to have their labs and employ experts to do research. In a competitive research atmosphere, each research facility prefers skilled and highly learned microbiologists.

Universities Offering MS/M.Phil. Microbiology in Pakistan

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