MS Medical Education

The medical profession is such a delicate field that medical professionals always need revisions, innovations, and improvements in the curriculum of medical studies and informed decisions. Masters in Medical Education aims at producing such professionals to provide a platform for the betterment of the health professions such as nursing, dentistry, medicines, etc. It gives insight and ability regarding health issues at national and local levels. On completing the Master's program, these medical health professionals collaborate with medical institutes to resolve the health issues and work on designing the curriculum of the medical studies according to the recent advancements in the medical field across the globe.

Core Courses

  • Medical Education Research Project
  • Medical Education Placement
  • Introduction to Health Systems
  • Contemporary Issues in Medical Education
  • Education Media and Technologies
  • Learning and Teaching in Clinical Education
  • Dissertation: Medical Education

Eligibility Criteria

  • All Health Professionals with a bachelor’s degree (minimum 16 yrs of education) with minimum 50%  passing marks.
  • The candidate shall have to pass the university-based entry test.


The population of the world is increasing at a tremendous rate . According to recent international reports, Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world. With the massive increase in population, there is a surge in health issues everywhere. To cope with rising health issues, every health institute demands professors for medical education. Professionals of Medicine Education are well paid and enjoy an honorable position in society as well. They are highly recruited by medical research centers, medical colleges, medical universities, etc., and play their role in resolving health issues. They also identify, analyze, assess the loopholes in the medical education system, and then come up with innovative and advanced ideas by critical thinking over the issues. Furthermore, professionals with high expertise are hired by international health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO). To sum up, the scope of Master in Science of Education will never face decline. 

Universities Offering MS Medical Education in Pakistan

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