MS Electrical Engineering (Power & Control Engineering)

The most significant source of energy in the future will be electrical energy. The transition to renewable energy sources and new energy, information, and communication technologies necessitates a significant shift in the operating environment of electrical energy systems in order to be successful. Energy and automation technology are the focus of the curriculum, which offers students with the most up-to-date technological and methodological expertise.

It's becoming more and more common for electrical power engineers to find work designing and developing electrical systems like those found in hybrid automobiles and cooling systems, as well as aeroplane actuators. Electrical power generation, distribution, regulation, and conversion may also be in your job description.

You'll learn how to use advanced analytical and experimental abilities to build novel power and control systems, as well as how to critically analyse designs, their usefulness, and their predicted dependability, as you progress through your studies. You'll also learn about the strengths and weaknesses of various modelling and simulation technologies.

Core Courses

  • Power Electronics
  • System analysis and control engineering
  • Energy Conversion
  • Energy systems and networks
  • Energy and Automation Technology

Eligibility Criteria

  • 16 Years of Relevant Education
  • Minimum CGPA in previous degree should be 2.5/4.0
  • Entry Test/Interview


The programme is appropriate for both recent engineering graduates (with a bachelor’s or equivalent degree) and professionals in the energy and systems engineering area who wish to advance their careers. A substantial number of graduates work in small, medium, and big firms worldwide in the electricity generating and distribution industries.

  • Network operator
  • manufacturers of energy and automation technology products and systems
  • Network planners and plant engineers
  • Government Job
  • University Lecturer
  • Power Plants

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