MS Basic & Clinical Dental Specialties

An MS in basic and clinical dental sciences offers advanced knowledge and training in oral pathology, oral biology, science of dental materials, and community dentistry. It can lead to a Ph.D., which is the highest degree available in these fields. The course's principal goal is to prepare instructors, trainers, research scholars, and knowledgeable, compassionate, technically proficient specialists in the field of basic sciences to give diagnosis as well as high-quality research, teaching, and training for postgraduate scholars.
The goal of this course is to improve the trainee's ability to understand new technologies while also improving his or her ability to assimilate necessary biological concepts. It is meant to give the trainee an academic research background as well as considerable practical experience that will allow them to further their expertise at the postgraduate level.

Core Courses

  • Science of Dental Materials
  • Oral Pathology & Biology
  • Community Dentistry
  • Microbiology
  • General Pathology & Anatomy
  • Clinical Training

Eligibility Criteria

  • BDS with 1-year house job.
  • Pass Admission Test with required marks (as per university criteria).


MS degree, in Basic and clinical dental specialties, has quite a good scope in all medical facilities with Dental Medical Care in public and private sector. The degree holders have good opportunities to work in their full capacity with better packages because of the specialized degree. There are multiple opportunities in the teaching hospitals who have dentistry department in practice and academia. Thus, providing practice and teaching opportunities simultaneously. Besides all these opportunities, the degree holders can do their medical practice in their own clinics while using their specialized education.

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