MS Anatomy

MS Anatomy is a two-year degree program that aims at developing strong leadership skills in the realms of research and medical education. The MS Anatomy program is aimed to prepare individuals to be self-assured and autonomous researchers. Aspirants will gain the necessary communication skills and other qualities to become effective teachers. The MS in Anatomy is a research-based program that focuses on preparing students for additional professional education or for moving to PhD program in anatomy or other biological fields.
MS Anatomy is mostly opted by the aspirants who wants to work and study in research. therefore, this degree provides a major step towards research studies. The aspirants can choose more particular specialty further. In this way, this degree provides skilled teachers and researchers in the field of medical. The curriculum of MS Anatomy is well devised to train the aspirants as expert researchers and teachers. In either way, it produces skilled professionals in medical field.

Core Courses

  • Medical Biology & Genetics
  • Medical Education, Ethics & Writing
  • Neuroanatomy with Head & Neck
  • GIT with related abnormalities
  • Instruments and Animal use in research
  • Thesis
  • Journal Club
  • Teaching Internship

Eligibility Criteria

  • MBBS/BDS or equivalent duly recognized
  • Valid registration with PMC (where applicable)
  • GAT (General) with a minimum 50% of cumulative score


MS Anatomy is a specialized degree program for the doctors who have the professional enthusiasm in the fields of medical teaching and research. The scope of the degree is good because such well educated and trained degree holders are requirement of the medical colleges and universities. The pandemic has proven that the research is always beneficiary for human race. Therefore, the career prospect, with this degree, in research industry is quite good. The degree holders can carry on this degree towards doctorate with selected specialty.

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