MPhil Quran & Tafseer

MPhil in Quran and Tafseer is a minimum 2 years degree program that comprises of course work and research under the supervision of a highly competent supervisor. This program aims to promote research in many fields of Quranic Studies in order to find new dimensions of Islamic understanding through the Quran's instruction. This degree allows scholars to use their research talents to exercise autonomous critical judgement in the service of Islamic and Muslim communities.
MPhil in Quran & Tafseer offers in-depth study of fundamental Islamic sciences such as al-Quran, al-Hadith, al-Fiqh, Islamic History, Islamic Thought, Seerah, and Islamic Education. Through international standard and quality research, teaching, publication, and consultation, the degree aspires to extend, promote, and deepen Qur’anic and Islamic Studies for universal harmony and humanity. Its goal is to develop Qur'anic Studies scholars and graduates who are professional, honest, and balanced individuals for the construction of society and nation building, with a focus on peace, dialogue, tolerance, and stability.

Core Courses

  • Sources of Islamic Sciences
  • Islam and Orientalism
  • Ijtihad Principals and Methods
  • Israeliyat and Tafseer
  • Methods of Mufassaree
  • Uloom ul Quran & Tafseer
  • Study of Selected Quranic Subjects
  • Research Methodology & Scholarly Writing
  • Research Thesis

Eligibility Criteria

  • 16 years of education in Islamic Studies with 1st division or equivalent CGPA
  • The graduates of a HEC approved Wafaq with the degree of Al Shahdat Al-Almia can also apply (with BA degree from a recognized university)
  • Pass Admission Test ( as per university policy)


MPhil Qur’an and Tafseer undertakes and develops research, publication, and consultation activities that are founded on truth and justice and can contribute to the development of an ideal civilization. Therefore, the scope of this degree has increased in the current conditions because there is an increased urge in society about knowing authentic knowledge of Quran and Tafseer. This has increased the scope of the degree in many educational and research departments in government and private sector. The degree holders can become precious assets for the civilized society building. The degree holders can be part of faculty of college and universities to impart knowledge to the students.

Universities Offering MPhil Quran & Tafseer in Pakistan

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