MA Urdu

It is a 2-years postgraduate degree that aims to impart advanced knowledge about Urdu Literature with its history. It also provides the process of evolution of Urdu, as the language of the sub-continent and the National language of Pakistan. It consists of 4 semesters that offer core courses about basic genres of Urdu literature and grammar rules. The prerequisite of admission is the degree of BA with Urdu/Arabic/Persian/Punjabi with second division (annual examination system) or 2.00 CGPA (semester system). The priority is mostly given to the students who have studied Urdu as an elective subject. About other subjects, all universities may have their preference policy. That's why it is recommended to check the admission criteria of the university before applying.

Core Courses

  • Urdu Sahafat
  • Iqbal ki Shairi
  • Ghalib aur Meer ki Shairi
  • Urdu Adab ka Pakistani Daur
  • Urdu Nasr
  • Urdu Shairi
  • Urdu Afsana
  • Urdu Adab Tanqeed
  • Urdu Adab Tareekh

Eligibility Criteria

  • BA with Urdu/Arabic/Persian/Punjabi with 2.0 CGPA or second division. 
  • Passing marks in the entrance exam.


Urdu, our national language, has been used widely in our country, especially in urban areas. Urdu is a compulsory subject in our educational system till HSSC. The Urdu language has a wide range of writing and phonics complexities. Therefore, our educational system requires highly educated teachers who can teach the students about our national language properly. Otherwise, the students may lack a deep understanding of the basic grammar and rules about it. MA Urdu is the degree that has positive scope in faculty in educational institutes. Urdu teachers, with a higher degree, can teach the language in a good way so that students may get more interested in it. Besides teaching, the degree holders of MA Urdu have quite a high scope in Urdu journalism in electronic, print, and social media. This degree is helpful for those students who have done an associate degree in Urdu and enables them to complete their 16 years of education.  

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