MA Islamic Studies

Masters in Islamic Studies is a two-year academic program offered by multiple universities in Pakistan. It is a recommended subject because Pakistan is an Islamic state, so the importance of Islamic Studies can be understood. The degree aims at inducing in-depth knowledge of Islam in students to generate scholars who can promote Islamic norms, culture, and civilization in Pakistan and across the globe. The students are trained to identify and analyze future challenges and needs regarding Islam. Moreover, it also enables them to find out possible solutions for the emerging challenges and problems.

Core Courses

  • Islam and Philosophy
  • Islam and Science
  • Tareekh e Islam
  • Mazahib e Islam
  • Hadees Shareef
  • Quran e Majeed
  • Islam and modern economic studies
  • Dawa wa Irshad
  • Fiqah wa uloom Al-fiqah

Eligibility Criteria

  • 50% to 60% marks in previous relevant degree.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


There is a common perception that graduates’ opportunities in Islamic studies are limited and can only serve in Madrassas. The reality is just different. Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Islamic Studies can pursue various jobs in the public and private sectors. Pakistan, for example, is an Islamic country, and Islamic banks require extensive knowledge of the Islamic banking system. Similarly, Islamic studies graduates aspire to participate in a depth study, analysis, and application of Islamic laws, regulations, and jurisprudence. Furthermore, Islamic Studies is a compulsory course in Pakistan at all levels of education. Graduates can also pursue a career in teaching Islamic Studies, which is a respectable career in society. Furthermore, there are numerous Islamic research institutes in Pakistan and around the world. These research institutes also employ professors that are very well at Islamic knowledge.

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