MA History

MA History is a 2-years degree program that develops the deep knowledge of history and enhance the research skills in the relevant field. The degree program attempts to familiarize students with new trends in the disciplines. Students would be able to make a substantial contribution in the future as a result of this. Students are capable of making important contributions in the domains of education, politics, and country building, as well as competing in civil, army, and foreign service fields.
The main goal of the degree program is to educate students with a thorough understanding of the subject as well as the capacity to analyze and draw conclusions from any given situation. The students will have a broad understanding of other disciplines such as social sciences, languages, and scientific sciences in addition to their expertise of the subject. It will allow students to interact with other fields of knowledge while also improving their grasp of history, society and the globe.

Core Courses

  • Early History of Islam
  • Philosophy of History
  • State and Society in Muslim India
  • Muslim Struggle for Independence
  • Government and Politics in Pakistan
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • International Relations and Organizations
  • Modern Europe
  • Research Methodology

Eligibility Criteria

  • 14 years of education in social sciences with at least 50% marks or 2nd division


MA History is one of the top job paths to pursue. In both the public and private sectors of Pakistan, there is a good scope for degree holders of history. Despite the fact that history is regarded as a non-vocational topic, history graduates are employed in a variety of disciplines. Candidates, with keen interest in history, can carve out the greatest professional path in any sector. Civil Services, Diplomacy, Archeology, Communication, Survey, Research, Television, Politics, Museum, Tourism, Public Relations, Publishing, and Intelligence are all ideal places to work for degree holders.

Universities Offering MA History in Pakistan

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