MA Heritage Studies

The Master of Arts in Heritage Studies is a 2 years graduate degree program. It's an interesting and intensive study that looks into the many ways history is intertwined with society's most pressing issues. The program will challenge you to consider how the past is used in the present, what we choose to carry forward from the past, how places and objects gain heritage value, and how heritage is used and managed. Students will investigate how heritage intersects with such a pressing modern issue throughout the program.MA Heritage Studies includes you to exercise critical judgment when it comes to the conservation and transformation of population heritage. It is a course of interdisciplinary thoughts on politics, history, theory, and practice, illuminating the contradictions between the preservation and alteration of landscapes, urban areas, architecture, and archaeological artifacts.

Core Courses

  • Heritage and learning
  • Creative learning
  • Heritage and sustainable development
  • Decolonising museums and heritage
  • Curating and engagement
  • Digital heritage

Eligibility Criteria

  • BA/B.Sc/BS or equivalent relevant qualification with at least 50% marks or CGPA 2.5 out of 4 from HEC recognized university/institution.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


A master’s degree in heritage studies can lead to numerous opportunities. You will be well-equipped to collaborate with designers, planners, board members, legislators, entrepreneurs, and other decision-makers. National, provincial, and municipal governments, as well as others, are seeking highly educated experts with expertise in historical concerns, policymaking, and spatial planning.

Heritage officer after graduation  can work as research assistants and officers, project officers, community officers, professional consultants or sub-consultants working as part of a team on a conservation project.

Careers in this field includes archiving and collecting, academia or independent research, and publishing it. Marketing, media roles such as journalism and radio, and public relations are also options for graduates.

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