MA Gender & Women Studies

MA in Gender & Women Studies is a 2-years degree program that aims to train students and workers in Gender Studies in this region, to promote inter-disciplinary collaboration with other teaching/research departments and non-governmental organizations, and to hold seminars and workshops to raise awareness about gender and its implications. The degree offers multidisciplinary courses that look at how gender – femininity and masculinity – is formed and understood across cultures and social formations.
The goal of a master's degree in gender and women studies is to improve understanding of gender and how it is socially created. It also raises awareness of gender issues in South Asia as a whole, and Pakistan in particular. Graduates get the ability to analyze development techniques around the world and their consequences on women.

Core Courses

  • Introduction to Women Studies
  • Gender & Development
  • Women’s Movement in Global Perspective
  • Women’s History in South Asia
  • Women in Islam
  • Women & Development in the Third World Countries
  • Women and Health
  • Women and Work
  • Women and Law in Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria

  • 14 years of education with at least 45% marks


In Pakistan, the scope of a gender studies degree was not as broad as it is now. Pakistan’s government has recently taken particular measures to promote gender equality. And, in order to meet their needs, they are seeking Pakistani graduates with a gender studies degree. With a Masters degree in Gender & Women Studies, one can readily serve or work in a variety of fields and at various levels of leadership. Teachers, theatre staff, public relations directors, social workers, public health educators, psychotherapists, coordinators of women’s health clinic communications consultants, journalists, and a variety of other jobs are available to degree holders.

Universities Offering MA Gender & Women Studies in Pakistan

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