MA Criminology

MA Criminology, 2-years degree program, provides insight into the formulation and implementation of criminal justice policies. Criminal justice education, in particular, focuses on how criminal justice components operate and deliver justice. The MSc in Criminology will provide students with a comprehensive grasp of crime and criminal justice through courses in criminological theory, criminal justice research, and research design and methodology. The students will do an internship to gain practical training.
The field of criminology draws on and incorporates several disciplines, including sociology, law, psychology, economics, biology, history, political science, and social work. It varies from these academic fields in that it makes the best use of these disciplines to carry out the state's and society's most vital functions, such as crime prevention, judicial administration, offender rehabilitation, and community protection.

Core Courses

  • Criminology
  • Criminal Justice System of Pakistan
  • Introduction to Forensic science
  • Role Of Law Enforcing & Intelligence Agencies
  • Criminal Laws of Pakistan (Pakistan Penal Code & Hudoods & Principles of Criminology)
  • Terrorism & Violence
  • Victimology & Penology
  • Criminology under International Law
  • Islamic Perspective of Crime & Punishment
  • Research Methodology

Eligibility Criteria

  • 14 years of education with at least 2.00/4.00 CGPA or equivalent marks


Although it is a relatively new field in Pakistan, it has a lot of potential. After earning a criminology degree, students can work as a police officer, a prison officer, a criminal investigation officer, a probation officer, a parole officer, a criminal intelligence analyst, a professor, a researcher, a security officer, or in civil society organizations that work for the welfare of young offenders, women offenders, and prisoners. The MSc degree can also serve as basic degree to reach out for MS/MPhil.

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