M.Ed Education (Teacher Education)

A state can not deny the importance of education for the progress and prosperity of individuals, society, and nations. It not only blesses people with the knowledge of how to live a better life but also opens the doors for more improvements and well-being. For this, millions of educational institutes are working worldwide to impart knowledge and skills to immature young minds. Teachers who trained these young minds must be well trained and expert in their profession. Therefore, Masters in Education (teacher education) is offered to ensure quality education. This professional degree program is specifically designed for teachers.

Core Courses

  • Educational psychology
  • Educational research
  • Curriculum development and instructions
  • Foundations of education
  • Educational measurement
  • Evaluation Islamic system of education

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Percentage of 50% to 60% in the relevant graduation course ( Like B.Ed).
  • Passing marks in entry test.


M.Ed Teacher Education is one of the highly recommended degrees in Pakistan. It brings honor and respect for the teachers in society. Thousands of public and private educational institutes in Pakistan are working for the cause of quality education for the students. These institutes recruit teachers on a priority basis who have done M.Ed in Teacher Education.ย  Moreover, they can also run a private setup for the training of the teachers. In addition, they can also get multiple job opportunities in foreign countries where teachers are highly paid. Moreover, online tutoring is another option where they can teach students worldwide and earn attractive packages. In Pakistan, teachers with high expertise are in high demand in private sectors such as Beacon House, City School System, etc.; these institutes pay high for their services. Furthermore, several welfare organizations on the national and international levels also demand teachers for their educational projects. In short, the scope of Teacher Education is bright in Pakistan and will never face any downfall.

Universities Offering M.Ed Education (Teacher Education) in Pakistan

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