M.Ed Education (Special Education)

M.Ed Education (Special Education) is a two-year professional degree program offered by multiple educational institutes of Pakistan. In Pakistan, thousands of students who are handicapped mentally or physically are seeking education in special education schools or mainstream schools. Educating such special students is not an easy task. They need special care, specific techniques, and methodologies for imparting skills and knowledge to them. For this purpose, there is always a need for trained teachers who can take care of them quickly and have enough expertise to teach them as per their needs. M.Ed Education (Special Education) is a professional degree program designed and framed to meet the ends.

Core Courses

  • Advanced educational Psychology and Human Development
  • Identification and assessment of children with mental retardation
  • Identification and intervention of children with hearing impairment
  • Research methodology and Statistics
  • Selection of Topic, design, presentations of synopsis
  • Development in special education

Eligibility Criteria

  • 50% or 60% marks in previous relevant degree like B.Ed.
  • Passing marks in entry test.


The scope of MS Education (Special Education) is very high in Pakistan. Like other advanced countries of the world, the demand for teachers of special education is increasing exponentially, and so is the need for educationists for special children. Numerous schools for special children are established in Pakistan and worldwide where blind, deaf, and other disabled students get education. Professors of Special Education are well paid and enjoy an honorable position in society as well. They are highly recruited by special schools and other mainstream schools, private academies, colleges, universities, etc., and educate the masses. Furthermore, professors with high expertise are also hired by international education organizations such as the United Nations Children Fund UNICEF, the Institute of International Education (IIE). To sum up, the scope of Master in Science of Education (Special Education) will never face a decline in Pakistan, and educationists can get unlimited opportunities in foreign countries.ย 


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