Diploma of Education

It is a one-year postgraduate diploma that supports giving more skills and expertise to the aspirants. The degree holders are required to study basic principles, techniques, and management of education at different levels. This diploma aims at imparting theory and practical knowledge in one year. The students can take this diploma to start their teaching career as soon as possible and also to make a bridge to fulfill the gap for further degree programs. The prerequisite for admission in this diploma is the degree of BA with a minimum of 50% marks (annual system) or 2.00 CGPA (semester system). Some universities may have some changes in admission criteria. So, it is advised to check the university policy before applying.

Core Courses

  • Teaching of English
  • Teaching of Urdu
  • ICT in Education
  • Classroom Assessment
  • Business & Technical English Writing
  • General Methods of Teaching
  • Learning Theories
  • Foundation of Education

Eligibility Criteria

  • BA with 2.0CGPA or 50% marks.
  • Passing marks in the entrance exam.


The postgraduate diploma in education is a good source of providing adequate knowledge and training to the aspirants in a shorter period. The diploma holders are well taught basic knowledge about education and teaching. The practical training provided in this diploma makes a person trained enough to work as a teacher at the elementary level. There is quite a good scope of this diploma in the government and private sector. However, there is more scope in private sector schools that are providing a wide range of opportunities to the fresh graduates. PDG education makes those fresh graduates eligible to start work as trained teachers. Even private sector schools provide an opportunity to their teachers to do this diploma and get professional training. This diploma can work as a bridge towards postgraduate degrees in education with no prior education in this field. In this way, it opens the door towards M.Ed. in such cases.ย 

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